8 Reasons Why Super Junior D&E Is An Amazing Sub-Unit

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk just made their comeback, and we can’t get enough of the “Danger” they brought to our life! The duo has been active since 2011, and they have surprised us with tons of catchy songs, funny dances, and a lot of laughs as well! Their chemistry is really easy to see and the sub-unit gives the perfect opportunity for both men to showcase their immense talent even more.

If you have ever wondered why Super Junior D&E is so amazing, you are in the right place! Take a look at our list to get to know these fantastic men!

The way they bring the party everywhere they go

There’s no better way to start this list than talking about their latest release, “Danger.” The duo’s third mini-album was released this April, and the self-produced song “Danger” is a true party banger! They are able to retain a classic K-pop vibe with whatever genre they are trying out, and this is the case with the new track as well! Are you guys ready to party with these dangerous men?

Their incredible talent in dancing

Being among the most talented dancers in Super Junior, Donghae and Eunhyuk are not kidding around when it comes to dancing! Eunhyuk as a main dancer often takes his part in creating the choreography as well, so it’s no wonder they enjoy performing their songs so much!

The entertainment factor

It’s safe to say that there’s not a dull moment with these two around. No matter what they do, they will somehow make it the funniest thing ever. Maybe it’s the strong bond of their friendship, maybe it’s just them being idiots in the best sense of the word, but one thing is for sure: even a simple breakfast is the most hilarious thing with Eunhyuk and Donghae around.

Their bickering

The true colors of dumb and dumber? It’s constant bickering! But it’s part of their charm, and every time they end up fighting playfully we can’t help but laugh along with them. It’s just too entertaining to watch them lose their patience or pretend to be dumb to rile up the other.

Their soulful releases

Although we see them joke around a lot, the duo also knows how to deliver the deepest emotions in beautiful songs like “Growing Pains,” the title track of their first album “The Beat Goes On.” The song was written by Donghae and both Donghae and Eunhyuk know perfectly how to touch their listeners’ souls with this powerful track.

The Chok Chok Dance

We simply can’t miss out on the most iconic thing Super Junior D&E ever did! The Chok Chok Dance is the choreography for their 2015 song”Can You Feel It?” and in this video, you can see SM artists dancing to this super party track!

Their Japanese releases

The duo is also active in Japan, and that just means more amazing bops for us! After finishing their mandatory military service in 2017, they started a project where they released a Japanese song every month to head their full album release in 2018. “Hot Babe” was part of this project, and the song was produced by member Eunhyuk.

Their relationship with Super Junior members

Sub-units are often supported by the rest of the members, and it’s no different with Super Junior. D&E gets all the love and support they deserve from Super Junior members, and they enjoy every moment they can spend together. Just look at all of them fooling around with the duo’s debut single “Oppa, Oppa”! It’s just so heartwarming to watch!

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