Migyo’s Agency Responds To Her Claims Regarding Contract Termination

Migyo’s agency JG Star Entertainment has released a statement regarding the dispute involving the singer’s exclusive contract.

In November of 2018, Migyo sent a certification of contents for the termination of her exclusive contract with JG Star Entertainment, and in response, the company lodged a damage suit against her in February. On April 8, Migyo posted a statement on Instagram explaining the situation and clarifying some misunderstandings.

On April 16, JG Star released a statement explaining their side of the conflict.

Read the full statement below:

1. We express our sincere regrets about causing a scandal due to the company’s dispute with Migyo regarding her exclusive contract. While the company wanted to smoothly solve the situation and avoid legal dispute with Migyo as much as possible, we inevitably had to take legal steps because Migyo, who clearly violated the terms of the exclusive contract, notified us of a unilateral termination of the exclusive contract.

2. First, the information Migyo revealed through her social media and the press was false, and we would like to reveal that Migyo seriously damaged the company’s reputation by spreading false facts. While the company objectively advised her on her attitude in singing and on broadcasts, Migyo distorted this to claim that we disrespected and insulted her. The company did not violate any monetary settlement obligations.

3. Migyo threw out the lunchbox her manager bought her during her promotions on the account that she was in a bad mood, showed abnormal behavior such as slandering other singers for no reason, refused [to perform] while on site right before a scheduled performance due to the reason that her body was suddenly unwell, and on September of 2018, she also showcased serious behavior at our office that could have become a criminal matter.

4. Although Migyo made these mistakes, the company tried to protect Migyo by considerately embracing her actions and continuing to provide management support. The company responded to Migyo’s unilateral contract termination and tried to fix the relationship smoothly, but as soon as Migyo was confirmed to be eliminated from SBS’s “The Fan,” she informed the company about the unilateral termination of the exclusive contract for unfounded reasons.

5. The company has not been sparing in investing and providing full-blown support for Migyo so that she could grow to become an artist loved by fans. We are deeply regretful that despite this, Migyo, who violated the exclusive contract, is instead insisting on the termination of the exclusive contract and defaming the company’s reputation through social media and the press. We will receive a judgement from the court and the investigative agencies through legitimate legal procedures.

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