K-Beauty Eye Shadow Palettes That Are Worth The Money

Choosing an eye shadow palette is always tricky because you can’t be too sure if they’re good and worth your money. With an overwhelming amount of options to choose from, it becomes a bit of a hassle to shop for a good palette. That’s why we made this list to help out those who are still looking for that one palette to fall in love with, or those who want to make a valuable addition to their collection.

3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette #Overtake

If you’re aiming for a soft, sultry look for your daily go-to, this 3CE palette in ‘Overtake’ will help you fulfill your wishes! It won’t take an expert to mix and match the shades to come up with multiple beautiful looks, as they’re all easy colors to work with. The palette has muted shades of pink and brighter browns, helping you achieve that sweet doe-eyed look like the model is sporting in the photo! Worth the money? Heck yeah!

The Saem Love Me Shadow Palette

Don’t let the 20 shades scare you off! This is a palette best suited for those who can’t get enough of browns. Whether you’re going for a simple day-to-day look or a more natural smokey eye, this palette can do it all. The 20 shades will give you quite a bit of room to play around without having to leave your comfort zone. Not everybody is into having all seven colors of the rainbow on their eyes, and that’s okay, because 50 shades of brown can be pretty cool too!

Holika Holika Piece Matching 12 Shadow Palette #Glossy Play

Oh hey look, it’s everything you love about summer all packed in a palette! The corals, pinks, and browns come with matte and glitter finishes that give smooth application with high color payoff. It’ll be difficult for you to choose a favorite shadow with this one, because all the colors are just so darn beautiful. Any look that you create with this Holika Holika eye shadow palette is bound to be a pretty one.

Etude House Play Color Eye Palette #Leopard Runway

Etude House has a ton of eye shadow palettes behind their name, and they’re all pretty good, but here’s one that’s a little bolder, wilder. Just like how wearing leopard print catches stares, all the attention (the good kind) will be on you with ‘Leopard Runway‘ on your lids! It has a lot of warmer tones, especially with the gold shades. With the help of this palette, you’ll be strutting down the street with confidence!

Agatha Eye Color Master Look Book

Agatha’s palette seems to stand out a little more than the others when it comes to the colors. The 12 tasteful shadows come in matte, shimmer, glitter, and satin so there’s a lot for you to work with when it comes to creating unique looks. There is a certain elegance that follows Agatha’s French-inspired products, and though this palette may leave a small dent in your savings, its different finishes, non-creasing formula, and refined shades won’t leave you with any regrets.

TonyMoly x Moschino Soft Glam Eye Palette #Best Of Me

Tony Moly’s collaboration with the Italian luxury fashion house, Moschino, will have the fashion forward and trendy more than happy to be spending their money. Not only do you get a palette with gorgeous hues that you can flaunt on your lids, you also get a pretty little Moschino purse! The ‘Best of Me’ palette boasts colors that can do no wrong and will look good on almost anyone. It’s a simple palette that has the essential colors you need to pull off any K-drama inspired look.

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