Update: TXT Gives A New Look At “Cat & Dog” MV Through Teaser Video

Updated April 24 KST:

TXT revealed a second teaser video for their “Cat & Dog” MV!

Updated April 23 KST:

TXT has shared a first teaser video for “Cat & Dog”!

Updated April 22 KST:

TXT’s Soobin is the next up in teasers for “Cat & Dog”!

Updated April 21 KST:

TXT dropped teasers of Taehyun for “Cat & Dog”!

Updated April 20 KST:

TXT has now shared Huening Kai’s teasers for “Cat & Dog”!

Updated April 19 KST:

TXT released new concept photos for “Cat & Dog,” this time including Yeonjun!

Original Article:

TXT has shared new concept photos for “Cat & Dog”!

The group previously announced that something new is coming for their b-side “Cat & Dog” off their debut mini album “The Dream Chapter: STAR” on April 25 at midnight KST, and many fans suspect they will release a new MV for the track.

To get fans ready for the release, TXT unveiled concept photos of Beomgyu with an adorable dog!

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