8 K-Pop Remakes That Did Justice To Their Original Counterparts

When listening to music, we sometimes get a sense of déjà vu that reminds us of a song we could swear we’ve heard before. Since music production has a very long history, it’s only normal to come across similar melodies every now and then. Yet, there are times when we listen to a song that sounds original, only to find out that it’s actually a remake!

While some hits are usually recognized almost immediately when reprised, others are only figured out after thorough research of a certain hook that sounds way too familiar. Introducing these successful reprises, here are eight K-pop remakes that did more than justice to their original counterparts!

1. I.O.I – “Whatta Man (Good Man)”

Sampling the original song “What A Man” by Linda Lyndell back in 1968, and borrowing the title from Salt-n-Pepa’s hip hop remake in 1993, I.O.I’s septet sub-unit delivered an elegant K-pop version with an energetic chorus that endlessly plays in our heads to this day!

2. BTS – “Born Singer”

With a witty twist on J.Cole’s original single “Born Sinner,” BTS rewrote the entire song so as to narrate the arduous journey they went through and their growth as musicians through the emotional lyrics.

3. BoA – “Spark”

To choose a song that fits her style like a glove, BoA’s pick fell on Luis Fonsi’s “Keep My Cool,” the English version of “Fuera De Control,” a song he originally released in Spanish back in 2002. All it takes is one look at the live performance to tell that the queen of Korean pop has made this hit her own!

4. Girls’ Generation – “Dancing Queen”

It is no secret that our dancing queens have a handful of remakes up their sleeves, and every single one of them is as entertaining as the ones before it. One of their most vivid reprises is this upbeat take on Duffy’s “Mercy,” which was delivered in quite a colorful way, to say the least!

5. SHINee – “Juliette”

SHINee has many hits under their belts, and “Juliette” is undoubtedly a song to remember. The 2009 single finds its roots in Corbin Bleu’s “Deal With It,” and we can all agree that it has done it more than justice!

6. Lee Hyori – “Show Show Show”

The nation’s fairy granted us a soothing version of Monrose’s “No No No,” where she talks about living in the spotlight, thus leaving her own personal touch on the song.

7. EXO – “Call Me Baby”

This one sure has an interesting backstory. Almost everyone knows that the original demo track was called “Call Me Daddy,” sung by Dantae Johnson. While the original title would’ve shaken the K-pop industry, the final version EXO brought our way was both a safe choice and a huge success!

8. f(x) – “Hot Summer”

We’re concluding this list with yet another SM artist and a second Monrose song. Listening to both releases, we can definitely see that f(x)’s signature style has given the track a fresh and cheerful sound!

Which reprise is your favorite from the list above? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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