Apink Expresses Love And Gratitude To Fans And Each Other On 8th Debut Anniversary

Apink celebrated their eighth anniversary with fans!

In addition to sharing the fan song “Everybody Ready?” on April 19, the members also posted sweet messages to their fans on social media.

Park Chorong wrote on the group’s Twitter account, “To my beloved Pandas! Apink is already celebrating our eighth debut anniversary. I’ve been so, so happy for the past eight years thanks to the Apink members and Pandas. We’ve spent so long together that we could say that we now know everything without even having to express it, but I’ll continue to keep expressing it more! You will too, right, Pandas? Thank you for always supporting and loving us. Let’s keep making great memories together! I’m even more grateful and I love you even more than I can express.”

Park Chorong also shared photos from their MV set on Instagram with the caption, “I love you” and Apink and Panda in the hashtags.

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Yoon Bomi wrote, “Our Pandas, first off, I sincerely wish you a happy eighth anniversary!!!!!! We’ve already been together for eight years! I still feel nervous and excited and have fun whenever I go to meet our fans, and time really goes by fast! Thank you for making such great memories with us for the past eight years.”

She went on to say, “To be honest, there are a lot of times lately when I miss our members, since we can’t see each other due to our busy individual schedules! Although we met in the practice room today, haha. Everyone was just the same as always, hahaha. I’m so, so grateful to the members who have been with me up until now. I love you my Apink members so much and thank you so, so much to the Pandas too who have been together with us! I’ll say the rest at our fan meeting!! I’m always cheering you on, our Pandas. Let’s keep making good memories together, I love you.”

On Instagram, Son Naeun shared a screenshot of herself streaming their new song “Everybody Ready?” and also a photo with the text “Happy eighth anniversary.”

Happy anniversary, Apink!

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