Henry Talks About Rediscovering His Love For The Violin And Reveals New Practice Room

Henry revealed his new practice room on MBC’s “I Live Alone”!

On the April 19 broadcast, Henry donated his violin to a charity auction and showed off the practice room that he designed for playing classical music.

He explained, “When I went to Canada and played the violin in front of my childhood teacher, I regained love for classical music and the violin. In Canada, there was a room I used to practice classical music in, so I decided to create one this time.”

Although the practice room wasn’t complete, Henry revealed that he personally designed the interior, which was filled with gifts from fans, photos of his family, and furniture with antique vibes. The cast watched Henry move a box of books across the room with surprising ease and began to suspect that the books were fake.

Henry confessed, “About half of them are fake. I had books I was reading there, but it didn’t look full enough.” Back at the studio, he asked the cast members if they also had fake books, and Lee Si Eon replied, “I don’t even have real books.”

The singer fixed a broken violin bow before heading to a musical instrument store to pick up his violin. The violin was a meaningful instrument that had been with Henry for a long time, and he planned to donate it to a charity auction.

Seeing this, Kian 84 commented, “There was a time when I donated clothing that I wore to an auction. It was sold for 50,000 won (approximately $44) so I was going to donate the money, but then the clothing was returned. Because it was returned, I refunded the 50,000 won.”

Henry set the starting price of his violin at 50,000 won and also participated in the auction. He became ambitious when he saw items that he liked, and purchased a soccer ball signed by Park Ji Sung for 420,000 won (approximately $370).

When it was his turn, Henry stood in front of the room. He said, “This feels different from performing. I’m not good at sales and feel a lot of responsibility.” When the auctioneer asked about how the violin was special, Henry explained, “This is a violin that traveled around the world with me. It’s a violin that appeared on TV with me and went to Antarctica with me. This violin is my first love, and my first love is leaving me today.”

Within 30 seconds of the auction, the bid for his violin shot up from 50,000 won to over 5 million won (approximately $4,400) and made Henry say, “Please do this after some thinking. This is your money.” In the end, his violin was sold for 10 million won (approximately $8,800).

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