Watch: IZ*ONE Performs “Amor Fati” In Special “Immortal Songs” Episode Set In Japan

The April 20 episode of KBS’s “Immortal Songs” was set in Japan as part of the show’s 400th episode special.

Covering the songs of Kim Yeon Ja, singers BEN, PENTAGON, Min Woo Hyuk, Jung Dong Ha, IZ*ONE, and Son Seung Yeon appeared as guest performers.

IZ*ONE covered the well-known song “Amor Fati,” combining the genres of trot and EDM in their high-energy performance. This was IZ*ONE’s first appearance on “Immortal Songs” and the occasion was made even more special by the fact that it took place in Japan.

Honda Hitomi said, “This is a famous TV program in Korea, but I’m so happy at the fact that we get to perform on the show in Japan.” The three Japanese members then shared that their parents had come to the set to watch their performance.

Yabuki Nako said, “It’s different [from when they could watch our performances in Korea]. I’m very nervous.”

After their performance, Kim Yeon Ja said, “This song was very special to me. It gave me a lot of courage and strength.”


Singer BEN was the first performer in the episode with her cover of “Mercury Lamp” and received 723 points from the audience. Despite incredible performances from the other guest artists, none of them could beat her impressive lead and she took home the final win in the end.

“Immortal Songs’s” 400th episode special will continue on April 27. In the meantime, you can check out an episode below!

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