“The Fiery Priest” In Talks For A Second Season

SBS’s popular Friday-Saturday drama “The Fiery Priest” may be coming back for a second season!

The production team of “The Fiery Priest” has released an official statement after teasing their return with the message “We Will be Back” in the drama’s final episode.

They shared, “Because we received a heated response from the viewers and achieved good results, we want to do a second season. However, as there are many matters to consider, nothing is confirmed, and we’re currently in discussion.”

“The Fiery Priest” is about a Catholic priest with anger management issues and a cowardly detective who work together to solve a murder case. According to Nielsen Korea, “The Fiery Priest” ended on an impressive note as they scored 18.6 percent and 22.9 percent in viewership ratings nationwide for its finale.

Due to the drama’s popularity, the search phrase “The Fiery Priest Season 2” continued to trend online until the day after its finale.


In the last episode of “The Fiery Priest,” the “Gudam Avengers” managed to defeat the corrupt cartels and bring strength to justice once again. The evil cartel, which wielded power and used violence for their own greed, was judged appropriately under the law. Their evil doings were revealed to the world, and Lee Young Jun’s (played by Jung Dong Hwan) honor was finally restored.

Furthermore, the members of the “Gudam Avengers” decided to take responsibility for their actions after wrapping up the case. Kim Hae Il (played by Kim Nam Gil) laid down his priesthood and got ready to leave while Goo Dae Young (played by Kim Sung Kyun) and the other detectives submitted letters of resignation. Park Kyung Sun (played by Honey Lee) also set out to receive her punishment, but opportunities arose for these team members who had already repented on their wrongdoings.

Park Kyung Sun got scouted by the head of the prosecutor’s office and teamed up with Goo Dae Young and the other detectives to start working on capturing abductors and corrupt forces. As for Kim Hae Il, the Pope personally visited him to ask him to remain a priest. The “Gudam Avengers,” who all managed to keep their positions, continued to fight against another evil crowd as the show left off with the message, “We Will be Back.”

Watch the last episode of “The Fiery Priest” below!

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