Jung Il Woo Pulls Go Ara In For A Tender Hug In “Haechi”

SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Haechi” has released stills showing the loving relationship between Jung Il Woo and Go Ara.

With its unpredictably dynamic story line and strong acting, “Haechi” currently has the highest viewership ratings in its time slot. The new stills released by the production team showed the development of Prince Yeoning (Jung Il Woo) Yeo Ji’s (Go Ara’s) relationship.


Last episode, tensions rose as “Lee In Ja’s rebellion” began. In particular, the ending in which Lee In Ja (played by Ko Joo Won) and the rebel army captured the Cheongju fortress raised curiosity for the future development of the story.

Despite the dilemma, Prince Yeoning, along with Yeo Ji, Park Moon Soo (Kwon Yool), Min Jin Heon (Lee Kyung Young), Jo Tae Goo (Son Byung Ho), Lee Kwang Ja (Im Ho), Jo Hyun Myung (Lee Do Yup), and Yoon Hyuk (Choi Min Chul), headed out for the single goal of protecting Joseon. In particular, Yeo Ji stayed by Prince Yeoning’s side at the palace, taking on the role of his reliable companion.

Spoiler Ends

The new stills of Prince Yeoning pulling Yeo Ji in tightly for a tender hug captured the audience’s hearts. Prince Yeoning gazes upon Yeo Ji with tears in his eyes, making viewers feel for their unfortunate circumstance. Yeo Ji, who seems ready to burst into tears, also tugged at the viewers’ heartstrings.

Meanwhile, Yeo Ji is also shown touching the shamanic garb left in the drawer, revealing her spirited determination. Previously, Yeo Ji had given up on becoming a detective to stay in the palace. Viewers are curious to find out whether she’s planning something to help Jung Il Woo and how the relationship between the two characters will continue to develop.

“Haechi” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the latest episode below!

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