Watch: Super Junior Creates A Dream Performance With Winning Team Of “Stage K”

A group of talented fans fulfilled their dream of performing on stage with Super Junior on JTBC’s “Stage K.”

“Stage K” is a new dance cover variety show in which fans from all over the world compete for the chance to perform together with a K-pop star.

On the April 21 episode, Super Junior’s Ryeowook, Donghae, Shindong, and Kim Heechul appeared as the program’s third “dream star” and opened the show with a special performance of “Mamacita.”

Teams from Mexico, Thailand, France, and China passed the preliminaries and performed on stage in front of a celebrity panel that included the Super Junior members.

For Super Junior’s episode of “Stage K,” the show received the most applications from Mexico. Team Mexico appeared on stage first and performed a dance cover of “Lo Siento.”

Team Thailand was a well-known dance team, and they performed a cover of “Black Suit.” Kim Heechul said that the controlled movements were the key to the song’s choreography, and Shindong was moved to tears after watching the performance.

The third team, called The HIVE, was a dance team from France made up of eight members. Team France performed Super Junior’s hit track “Sorry, Sorry,” and the idols praised the team for managing to hit all of the detailed moves.

Sandara Park commented that it seemed as if they were having fun on stage and compared their hand movements to famous works in the Louvre.

Street dancer Way J competed as Team China and put on the final performance of the night. He revealed that Eunhyuk was his favorite member and that he would be covering “Don’t Don.” Donghae expressed concern, remarking that the choreography for the song needed many members. However, the dancer managed to pull off the choreography on his own, and Eunhyuk chose the performance as his favorite.

As a result of the audience’s votes, Team Thailand and Team China came in first and second place, respectively. The global translators voted for their own countries’ teams, while the K-leaders gave two votes each to Mexico and France.

Super Junior members also cast their final votes—Ryeowook chose Thailand, Shindong chose Mexico, Kim Heechul chose China, and Eunhyuk and Donghae chose France. As a result, Team France and Team Thailand advanced to the final round after winning first and second place respectively. During break time, Super Junior comforted the eliminated teams.

The song for the final round was “Bonamana,” and Super Junior stated that this was a song with difficult choreography. Team Thailand performed first with a perfect cover stage, while Team France showed a creative performance that featured their own dance moves.

In the end, Team France won with 300 votes and celebrated by performing “U” together with the members of Super Junior. Check out their performance below!

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