“Superstar K” Runner-Up Jo Moon Geun Gets Married + Shares Plans For Family And New Music

Jo Moon Geun officially tied the knot with his girlfriend!

On April 21, the singer married his non-celebrity girlfriend who is four years younger than him at a wedding hall in Seoul. Singer Illac was the MC of the wedding, and the couple is planning to go on a month-long trip to Europe for their honeymoon.

According to his agency Rolling Culture, Jo Moon Geun’s wife is a makeup artist. The couple was introduced to one another through friends and got married after two years and six months of dating.

In an interview with Korean media outlet OSEN before the wedding, Jo Moon Geun explained, “The owner of the cafe next to my studio introduced me to my fiancée. We didn’t know each other before, but after being introduced, it turned out that we had often run into each other, and our relationship slowly began to get deeper. Not long after dating, I got the feeling that I was going to get married to her.”

He continued, “I did propose but it was a failure. I prepared something small at home, but I failed because my fiancée walked in. I really wanted to cry in that moment, but I still proposed and said we should get married.”

About their family plans, he revealed, “We are thinking that it would be good to have children next year, but I don’t know if it will go as planned.”

Jo Moon Geun also expressed excitement about his new album. “I am planning to release it in early summer around the rainy season,” said the singer. “Itis about 70 percent done, but I am working hard on it because I want to complete it before the wedding. This year, I am planning to appear in festivals and small performances as well as variety and music shows if offered.”

Jo Moon Geun first became known through the first season of Mnet’s “Superstar K” in 2009 where he captivated viewers with his singing skills. He was the runner-up of that season and officially debuted as a member of the MOON BAND with the track “Lost Cat.” He also recently appeared on MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer.

The MOON BAND Instagram posted a video from the singer’s wedding and showed him entering the wedding hall to rock music and cheers from guests.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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