Kim Sanggyun, Lee Si Won, And Yoo Gun Join Kim Sejeong’s New Drama “Let Me Hear Your Song”

More actors are confirmed for KBS’s upcoming drama “Let Me Hear Your Song.”

“Let Me Hear Your Song” is a mystery romantic comedy that tells the story of a timpanist who lost all memories from the day a murder took place. She decides to uncover the lost truth after meeting a suspicious tone-deaf man. gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, Yeon Woo Jin, Song Jae Rim, and T-ara’s Jiyeon have confirmed their appearances as lead actors.

Lee Si Won has taken on the role of Hong Soo Young, a cousin of Hong Yi Young (Kim Sejeong). She has both looks and brains as a beautiful pediatric psychiatrist, but she also has a fighter’s temperament. Just like her nickname “Crazy Thornback Ray” suggests, she gets easily angered. However, she is willing to sacrifice anything for her cousin.

JBJ95’s Kim Sanggyun will play the handsome barista Moon Jae Hyung. On top of making coffee, Moon Jae Hyung also enjoys hip hop dancing, and his smile has the power to make every woman around him swoon. However, he is nothing but troublesome to Hong Yi Young as he seeks financial support from her.

Lastly, Yoo Gun will transform into Michael Lee, Hong Yi Young’s dependable mentor. He is Korean-American and the orchestra’s principal timpanist. As a mentor whom Hong Yi Young admires, he plans to bring out a teacher-student chemistry with Kim Sejeong.

“Let Me Hear Your Song” is scheduled to premiere sometime in July.

In the meantime, check out KBS’s current Monday-Tuesday drama “My Fellow Citizens” below:

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