TWICE Talks About Writing Lyrics For New Mini Album And Preparing For Comeback

TWICE is back!

On April 22, the girl group made their comeback with their new mini album “FANCY YOU” and held a V Live broadcast at their showcase.

“FANCY YOU” consists of six songs and was written by many talented songwriters, including Charli XCX. Jihyo, Momo, Sana, and Chaeyoung participated in writing the lyrics and helped to fill the album with TWICE’s unique sound.

TWICE began, “We’re having a comeback for the first time in six months. Weren’t you lonely without us?” Updating fans on what they’ve been up to, Nayeon said, “We prepared for our comeback and are planning to hold a concert. Recently, I thought about holding a concert.” Momo asked, “Didn’t we have a dome tour?” When Jihyo added, “Those who came to the dome tour. How was it?” fans replied that they enjoyed it and cheered.

The members introduced one another in a relay format. Sana described Tzuyu as “someone I want to make laugh but doesn’t laugh well,” while Tzuyu said Jihyo was “a great leader with responsibility.” Speaking about Nayeon, Jihyo said, “She has the most cuteness in TWICE,” and Nayeon added, “She laughs easily at what I say” about Momo.

Momo introduced Chaeyoung by saying, “She’s in charge of the killing part,” while Chaeyoung added, “She dyed her hair blue” about Dahyun. About Mina, Dahyun said, “Mina’s charisma oozes out in the music video for our title track ‘Fancy.'” Mina called Jeongyeon a “pretty older sister,” while Jeongyeon concluded, “She’s the same as me” about Sana.

TWICE participated in writing some of the tracks in “FANCY YOU.” Sana said, “I participated in writing the lyrics for b-side track ‘Turn It Up.’ After listening to the song for the first time, I said to Momo, ‘Do you want to write the lyrics with me?’ and that’s when our vacation started. I wrote it on the plane. and it came out well. I felt sorry to Momo because I wrote all of it from the start. I thought of ONCE [TWICE’s official fandom]. I wrote about ONCE’s minds when we’re performing on stage.”

“‘Girls Like Us’ is a song to those who are dreaming and having a hard time,” explained Jihyo. “While working on the song, I thought a lot back to the time when I wondered if it was right for me to become a celebrity.” About “Strawberry,” Chaeyoung said, “Like how strawberries are the most delicious on their own instead of things like processed snacks, it talks about asking to be loved for your natural appearance.”

In an interview clip from the set of the MV, Mina explained, “Since this track is called ‘Fancy,’ we did it in a fancy way. Don’t we seem like idols?” At the showcase, Jeongyeon revealed, “We really worked hard at practicing the choreography. It was to the point where I practiced even in my dreams. I was dancing in my dream and hit Momo’s head when I woke up.” Other members added, “We recorded ‘FANCY’ many times. There were also many part changes. The parts changed 360 degrees.”

During the showcase, TWICE announced, “‘FANCY’ achieved No. 1 on music charts. It’s because ONCE listened to it. Thank you so much. At our press conference, we said that we hoped it would get No. 1 even for an hour, and it came true.”

TWICE will embark on a world tour, starting with Seoul on May 25 to 26, Bangkok on June 15, Manila on June 29, Singapore on July 25, Los Angeles on July 17, Mexico City on July 19, Newark on July 21, Chicago on July 23, and Kuala Lumpur on August 17.

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