MustB’s Agency To Take Legal Action Against People Posting Malicious Comments About Car Accident

MustB’s agency MustM Entertainment will be taking legal action against malicious commenters.

On April 21, MustB’s van hit a guard rail next to the road while they were on their way home after a performance in Daegu. As a result of the accident, MustB’s manager passed away, and four members of the group and a staff member sustained minor injuries. The three other members had already gotten out of the car before the accident happened.

Below is the full statement by MustM Entertainment:

First, we thank many people for mourning the death of [MustB’s manager] and supporting and encouraging the members. We promise to devise and strengthen safety measures to prevent accidents from recurring in the future. We apologize for causing many people to worry due to the unfortunate accident.

On the dawn of April 21, 2019, MustM’s dear idol group MustB was involved in a car accident, and our manager, who’s just like family, passed away.

It is difficult to schedule activities like broadcasts and events for MustB because they are a rookie group that debuted this January. Nonetheless, we were invited to Daegu, and we participated in the event and performed with a thankful heart. The accident occurred when we were taking the members to their home[s] in Seoul.

The members who got off the car ahead [of the accident] were very close with the manager, and they even bought him coffee. They are in great shock due to the manager’s passing. Right after the collision, the members and our company’s executive producer, who were riding in the car, pulled the unconscious members out of the car despite their own injuries to prevent any further accidents. Throughout the ride to Seoul, our executive producer was sitting in the passenger seat, and the members also worked hard [to keep the manager awake] by talking to him. However, unfortunately, the accident happened within Seoul.

The police are currently investigating the cause of the accident, and we are waiting for their announcement. The members who were riding in the car are receiving treatment, and the rest of the members are resting after attending the manager’s funeral.

Despite this [unfortunate] situation, there are malicious comments and groundless rumors being continuously spread around about [the manager] and members. For the sake of [the manager], who truly cared for the members and wished for their success, we will take legal action against the malicious commenters based on the evidence we have gathered.

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