Park Yoochun’s Agency Terminates His Contract + Says He Will Retire

C-JeS Entertainment has decided to part ways with Park Yoochun.

The following is the official statement from C-JeS Entertainment:

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment. While trusting Park Yoochun’s statement that he is not guilty [of taking drugs] and observing the investigation process, we found out through news articles yesterday that [Park Yoochun] tested positive for a drug test that was initiated by the National Forensic Service.

We waited for the investigation results to come out while believing the testimony of Park Yoochun, who was an artist under our agency, but we feel terrible that we encountered such a result.

We came to a conclusion that we won’t be able to recover our relationship of [mutual] trust with Park Yoochun and decided to terminate the exclusive contract.

Just as Park Yoochun stated during the press conference, he will be retiring from the industry. Further scheduled promotional activities will be canceled, and he will follow according to the Department of Justice’s decision.

The agency deeply acknowledges the gravity and responsibility for the matter. We will do our best to go through reform and take strict measures to prevent such an incident from arising again.

We bow our heads in apology for causing worry with such an unfortunate event.

Park Yoochun is under suspicion of taking Philopon with his former girlfriend Hwang Ha Na. He previously stated at a press conference that he has never used drugs.

Questioning will take place on April 26 to determine the validity of the pretrial detention warrant request for Park Yoochun.

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