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The hearts and butterflies have kicked up a notch this past week in episodes 5 and 6 of “Her Private Life.” The chemistry between Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook is evident, so you can imagine our excitement when the two showed us just how intense their connection can be. Here’s a look at seven moments from this past week’s episodes that had us squealing.

Warning: Spoilers for episodes five and six below!

1. The jealous Eun Gi

The second-lead syndrome is pretty strong in this one. I think we were warned when Ahn Bo Hyun took the role. And then we found out that Eun Gi is not actually her real brother, but a best friend. In this past week’s episodes, he displays his jealousy and displeasure of Duk Mi faking a relationship with her boss, Ryan. He even shows up to her work and shows how unhappy he is!

Like, SO CUTE.

2. Ryan Gold taking the scarf out of Duk Mi’s hair

When Ryan and Duk Mi go out of town to see Writer Noh, they get caught in the rain and have to spend the night together – IN THE SAME ROOM. So when Duk Mi gets a scarf tangled up in her hair, Ryan is there to rescue her.

The intensity and caution in which Ryan helps untangle the scarf from her hair is pure gold. Can you see the passion igniting?


3. The eye contact

We can already sense at this point that Ryan is totally smitten with Duk Mi. So when she is explaining her interpretation of a photograph to Ryan, the intensity in which he looks at Duk Mi is serious feels.


4. Duk Mi taking close-up pictures of Ryan

Duk Mi is in charge of taking photos of writer Noh. But when she takes photos, she seems to be lingering for quite awhile on Ryan through the lens. The girl has got it bad and we really don’t blame her.

5. Ryan’s drunk hand grabbing

When the art gallery staff go on a team dinner, Ryan gets pretty drunk and grabs Duk Mi’s hand. The way he does it is so intimate and sweet. It’s totally squeal-worthy.


6. Finding out Joo Hyuk is kind of an idol

The clumsy part-timer (Yoo Yong Min) that is working at Sun Joo’s cafe turns out to be the lead singer of a band. And he has quite the following of fans. Were you surprised to find out about this? I know Joo Hyuk is a minor character, but I was pleasantly surprised!

7. The make-up scene and KISS

After Ryan lashes out at Duk Mi, she seems pretty rattled. So when he shows up at her place and whole-heartedly apologizes, we’re legit pleased. But after he apologizes, he takes it a step further and kisses her. Did you expect it? I have to say, I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly, but I’m definitely not complaining!

Totally can’t wait for next week’s episodes!

Hey Soompiers, how did you like this past week’s episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

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