Im Soo Hyang, Lee Jang Woo, And Bae Jong Ok Confirmed For New Mystery Drama

MBN’s upcoming drama “Graceful Family” (literal title) has confirmed its main actors!

“Graceful Family” is a mystery drama that will tell the story of a daughter of a chaebol family whose mother was murdered and a third-rate lawyer who is willing to take on any tasks for money.

The drama will also follow the story of people working in the TOP team that deals with owner risk, which refers to losses incurred by a company due to the brash actions carried out by members of the family that owns the business.

Im Soo Hyang will play the role of Mo Seok Hee, the only daughter and successor of MC Group. She appears as an arrogant daughter of a rich family who is out of control, but she has a secret mission of finding the culprit who murdered her mother 15 years ago.

Lee Jang Woo has been cast as Heo Yoon. He is a lawyer who lacks connections to further his career and thus doesn’t have a lot to offer, not even having his own office. While only working on trivial cases, he receives an offer to join MC Group’s TOP team and meets Mo Seok Hee.

Bae Jong Ok will take on the role of Han Je Kook, the head of MC Group’s TOP team that manages owner risk. She shows strong dedication to her company, but she is a dangerous woman who knows all the secrets of the owner family.

The production team of “Graceful Family” said, “Im Soo Hyang and Lee Jang Woo, whose popularity has been on the rise lately, and the veteran actress Bae Jong Ok complete a line up that will make you want to watch the drama without a doubt. We plan to add only the best scene stealers in Korea on top of the three main actors to produce a mystery drama that will get you engaged.”

“Graceful Family” is scheduled to premiere sometime in August.

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