Watch: “Produce X 101” Trainees Show Off Their Various Talents In Special Episode Featuring IZ*ONE And FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki

On April 26, Mnet’s “Produce X 101” released a special prologue episode ahead of the show’s official premiere.

The prologue is titled “Produce X 101: The Beginning” and features IZ*ONE and FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki. IZ*ONE was formed through the previous season of the “Produce” series, “Produce 48,” and Lee Hong Ki was a vocal coach on that season as well.

During the special episode, IZ*ONE had a fangirl moment when Lee Dong Wook, the host of the upcoming season, appeared onscreen. Lee Hong Ki asked them, “Who do you prefer, Lee Dong Wook or Lee Seung Gi?” Lee Seung Gi was the host of “Produce 48” and all the IZ*ONE members replied, “Of course it’s Lee Seung Gi.”

IZ*ONE also reacted positively to the new stage setup during the trainees’ performance of “X1-MA.” Since the camera focused a lot on the center, Son Dong Pyo, Miyawaki Sakura was asked about her own experience as the center in “Pick Me (Nekkoya).”

“There was nobody in front of me, so I felt like I couldn’t make a mistake,” she replied. IZ*ONE also shared their impressions of the “X1-MA” choreography, saying, “There’s a lot of punching and kicking and hand gestures. It’s powerful.”

IZ*ONE and Lee Hong Ki then got to watch the “Runway Show,” in which the “Produce X 101” trainees greet the national producers (fans/viewers) for the first time. This is a new segment that was not present in previous seasons.

The “Produce X 101” trainees used their 1 minute of screen time in various ways, not only showcasing their singing and dancing but also acrobatics, aegyo, abs, and more.

Finally, Lee Hong Ki announced that they would be watching clips of the trainees’ pre-recording meetings. In these clips, the trainees showed off their talents at dancing, singing, and rapping, as well as their individual unique skills.

“Produce X 101” premieres on May 3 at 11 p.m. KST.

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