Watch: IZ*ONE Takes Over “Ask Us Anything” With Their Charms And Sass In New Preview

IZ*ONE is coming to “Ask Us Anything”!

On April 27, JTBC released a preview of next week’s episode featuring IZ*ONE.

The clip began with the girl group performing their latest title track “Violeta” and introducing themselves to the cast. Lee Sang Min asked, “Wow, how many of them are there?” Super Junior’s Kim Heechul then started a game in which he called out a name of an IZ*ONE member and the cast had to guess which member it belonged to.

When Kim Heechul called out, “Yabuki Nako,” several IZ*ONE members pretended to be Yabuki Nako by raising their hands while responding in Japanese, and the same happened when he called out, “Honda Hitomi.” Kim Min Ju introduced herself as Honda Hitomi in Japanese, and Lee Soo Geun said, “Oh, it’s her! She’s the real deal.” The IZ*ONE members continued to pretend to be different members in order to fool the cast, and they shocked the “Ask Us Anything” members when they finally revealed their real name tags.

IZ*ONE then showcased their talents, including a dance performance by Lee Chae Yeon and a cheerleading demonstration by Honda Hitomi.

Kang Ho Dong was happy to reunite with his “Everyone’s Kitchen” co-star Miyawaki Sakura, and he kept calling out her name and addressing her in particular. An Yu Jin and Kwon Eun Bi called him out on his favoritism, making the comedian burst into laughter.

However, when Kim Heechul asked Miyawaki Sakura which cast member she had most wanted to see, she answered without any hesitation, “Heechul.” Kang Ho Dong joked in response, “I’ve been betrayed by a foreigner for the first time.”

The preview concluded with IZ*ONE and the cast competing against one another through various games to win delicious grilled meat.

Catch this episode of “Ask Us Anything” when it airs on May 4 at 9 p.m. KST. Check out the preview below:

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