Watch: TWICE Creates Unforgettable Performance With Winning Team Of “Stage K”

TWICE lit up the stage and hearts of their fans on JTBC’s “Stage K”!

On the April 28 broadcast of the K-pop cover competition show, the girl group watched cover stages of their songs and put on a memorable performance with the winning team.

TWICE opened the show with a special performance of the dance remix version of “Dance the Night Away.”

Teams from China, Sweden, Thailand, and the United States, who survived the fierce competition from the preliminary rounds, competed on the stage.

The first stage was by Team China who performed “Likey.” They copied TWICE’s exact moves as well as their facial expressions, and caught the audience’s attention with a fierce dance break.

Team Sweden, also known as “Unnie Vibe,” was introduced as the first K-pop cover group in the southern region of Sweden with a male member named Philip. The team looked nervous on stage, but showed off their perfect teamwork once “Yes or Yes” played on the speakers. Philip was in charge of Tzuyu’s part and showcased his refreshing charms.

Nayeon commented, “You ripped apart the stage” and Tzuyu said, “Your facial expressions were better than mine, and you were full of energy. I wanted to go down [to the stage] and dance with you while watching.”

The third performance was by Team Thailand which was made up of one member named Nana. She used to train in Korea for three years, and filled the stage by herself with her cover of TWICE’s “Knock Knock.”

Nayeon said, “You worked hard filling the stage on your own. The stage didn’t look empty at all. You made facial expressions from start to finish,” and Sana told her, “I heard that you were a trainee from 2012 to 2015. I was also a trainee during those exact years. Thinking about how you were a trainee during the same time, I want to tell you that you worked really hard.”

Nana burst into tears after Jihyo added, “I saw you often while walking around. You worked really hard. I think I felt more touched because you looked familiar.”

The final stage was by Team United States who had to revise a majority of their choreography after the head choreographer pointed out their positions on stage. The team performed “What Is Love?” and their perfect lipsyncing showed how much they had practiced the song.

Despite their concerns about the stage positions, Dahyun praised them, saying, “The four of you were neat and did a good job. I felt thankful because the domino choreography in the bridge was in sync and it seemed like you guys practiced a lot.”

After the four performances, the audience voted for their favorite team. As a result, Team Thailand came in first place with 73 points and TWICE chose Team Sweden, saying, “Most of the members chose them. While doing in-sync choreography, they also highlighted their individual talents.”

Team Thailand and Team Sweden faced off in the final round with their cover stages of “TT.” Nana filled the stage with her dancing skills and cuteness, while Philip from Team Sweden put his own twist to Tzuyu’s part and captivated the audience during the performance.

TWICE and the star panelists cast their final votes. Sana, Tzuyu, and Chaeyoung chose Team Sweden while Momo, Jeongyeon, Nayeon, Jihyo, and Dahyun chose Team Thailand. With a difference of just five points between the two teams, Mina’s vote went to Team Sweden and they were declared the winning team.

Philip tearfully commented, “I think this is the happiest moment of my life.” TWICE and Team Sweden concluded the show with a joint performance of “Cheer Up.” Check out the clip below!

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