NU’EST’s Minhyun Talks About Moving Out Of Dorm + Upcoming Appearance On “I Live Alone”

NU’EST shared what life is like after Minhyun moved out of the dorm, and Minhyun expressed his excitement for his upcoming appearance on MBC’s “I Live Alone”!

At the showcase for NU’EST’s comeback on April 29, Minhyun was asked about being a guest on the popular reality show, which shows the lives of celebrities who live on their own.

He explained, “My mother is appearing too.” He went on to say, “I came up to Seoul when I was in the third year of middle school. After almost 10 years of dorm life, I moved out three months ago. The reason I moved out of the dorm is that we’ve lived together for a long, long time so we each have fields we like and I ended up moving out so that we could show respect for each other.”

Minhyun continued, “I’ve always really liked the show ‘I Live Alone’ so it seems amazing that I’m going to be on it. It’s so great that I have the chance to show a lot of people ‘Hwang Minhyun’ as a human being rather than how I seem on stage.”

Baekho also said, “We’re always together. It doesn’t feel like we live apart.” JR added that they spend all their time together other than when they’re sleeping. Ren commented, “We go to his place a lot and sleep there, so it’s like we live with Minhyun.”

Minhyun added, “There are a lot of the members’ clothes at my place.”

NU’EST made a comeback on April 29 with their new mini album “Happily Ever After” and its title track “BET BET.”

Minhyun will appear on “I Live Alone” on May 3. Check out a preview here!

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