Kim Nam Gil Praises “The Fiery Priest” Co-Star Honey Lee And Says She Has Potential In Hollywood

On April 30, Kim Nam Gil sat down for an interview to talk about his recent drama “The Fiery Priest.”

During the interview, Kim Nam Gil expressed affection for the cast and crew, saying, “I liked that the actors and production staff were all on the same vibe. The actors were very passionate about their work, and we worked well together as an ensemble.”

Kim Nam Gil also shared that he was the one to recommend the drama to his co-stars Honey Lee and Kim Sung Kyun. Because Honey Lee had signed on to “The Fiery Priest,” her Hollywood plans were inevitably delayed.

“If the drama had done badly, I’m sure I would have thought that I shouldn’t have held her back,” Kim Nam Gil said. “But all actors are the same – they want to do good projects. Honey joined this project because she wanted to do it.”

He continued, “Honey is obviously beautiful in the traditional Korean sense and she’s also good at English. She is amazingly open-minded. I think that she has a better chance of success [in Hollywood] than most Asian actors.”

He joked, “I told her that if she goes to Hollywood, she needs to take me with her.” When Kim Nam Gil made his debut as an actor, he said that he wanted to receive a Best Actor Award in Hollywood. Asked about this old statement, he replied, “I was talking nonsense. Rather than setting Hollywood as my goal, I want to try new experiences.”

Surprisingly, he said that he had once been given the opportunity. “The opportunity [to go to Hollywood] arose after I finished ‘The Great Queen Seondeok‘ in 2009 and ‘Bad Boy‘ in 2010, but I wanted a project that wasn’t action-oriented, something that I could show off my acting. I looked into it at the time. Now that Lee Byung Hun has broken ground for us there, I think that I should wait until I’m older and my acting becomes deeper. The first thing to do is improve my English.”

Check out the first episode of “The Fiery Priest” with English subtitles below!

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