8 Ways The Premiere Of C-Drama “Le Coup De Foudre” Made Us Fall In Love At First Sight

China’s latest youth drama “Le Coup de Foudre” is fresh, fun, and sentimental. The title is French and translates to “Love at First Sight,” and oh boy, we’re indeed already in love with this drama! It has also already become a favorite in China and hit 100 million online views within only 13 hours!

Le Coup de Foudre” is based on the novel “I Don’t Like This World, I Only Like You” in which the author Qiao Yi recounts anecdotes from her own life with her husband. The sequences include their high school days together, how they finally got together after being separated during their time in university, and their daily life as a married couple.

Here are eight ways the premiere episodes made us fall head over heels for this drama!

Warning: Spoilers for episodes one to six ahead.

The great ensemble cast

The leading couple, Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo, is played by Wu Qian and Zhang Yu Jian, who already proved their on-screen chemistry when they starred together as the female lead and the second male lead in the fantasy tale “An Oriental Odyssey.” Joining them as the main cast are Zhao Zhi Wei, who stars as Qiao Yi’s older twin brother Zhao Guan Chao, and new actress Ma Li, who takes on the role of Qiao Yi’s best friend Hao Wu Yi. All of them were perfectly chosen and make their flawed and relatable characters genuinely enjoyable.

Even the supporting characters are endearing and well fleshed out. They not only exist to help the story move forward but are an integral part of the drama.

The softie uncle who looks like a little gangster.

The dad who defies all cliches about stepparents.

The glimpses into Qiao Yi and Yan Mo’s married life

The storytelling is quite innovative as it integrates interviews with the characters as well as multiple time jumps. Every now and then, the drama grants us glimpses into Qiao Yi and Yan Mo’s married life and I’m loving it!

Qiao Yi and Yan Mo playing consort and emperor.

Qiao Yi acts out her rich imagination and Yan Mo surprisingly plays along! These two are too adorable for words and we can’t wait to see even more anecdotes from their married life in upcoming episodes!

The best big brother on earth

Guan Chao is the dream brother every girl secretly yearns for. Although he’s cheeky and enjoys teasing Qiao Yi, he’s also very attentive and always looks out for his sister. He doesn’t directly show it, but he loves her dearly and would do anything for her.

Guan Chao doesn’t let anyone badmouth Qiao Yi. We stan a man with such a strong sense of loyalty towards his sister!

The friendship between Qiao Yi and Wu Yi

Qiao Yi and Wu Yi are truly supportive of each other and stick together through thick and thin. Their friendship is nonetheless not without stumbling blocks, but they learn to cherish each other even more through their fights.

The chemistry between Guan Chao and Wu Yi

The drama teases a possible love line between Guan Chao and Wu Yi, and I’m looking forward to seeing how their story will unfold. Judging by how well he treats his little sister, we’re sure playboy Guan Chao will be #boyfriendgoals once he gets serious!

Flustered Yan Mo

It’s pretty obvious that Yan Mo is totally smitten by Qiao Yi. But the boy does not know how to face these newly discovered feelings and tries to run away from them. Cute.

Drunk Yan Mo

Zhang Yu Jian’s drunk acting is on a wholly new level. Who would have imagined that the usually stiff and stoic Yan Mo can be this cute? Drunk Yan Mo is a true delight and we hope to see more of this side of him in future episodes!

Yan Mo also reveals his jealous side in his drunk state. He’s clearly paying attention to everything Qiao Yi says.

Wu Qian’s smile

Qiao Yi when Yan Mo gets nervous and flees after she asks him if they’re friends now.

Wu Qian is gold. Enough said.

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