Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Confirmed To Star In New tvN Drama

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri is officially starring in tvN’s upcoming drama “Miss Lee” (working title)!

On May 1, the drama confirmed that Hyeri would be joining its cast in the titular role of Miss Lee. Described as an “office comedy,” “Miss Lee” will follow the story of Lee Seon Shim, who starts out at the bottom of the food chain and suddenly finds herself becoming the CEO, as she toils to save her company from impending doom. Although Lee Seon Shim has little in the way of credentials and is initially stuck running all sorts of meaningless errands, her unique brand of optimism allows her to persevere and eventually become an inspirational, one-of-a-kind leader.

Hyeri commented, “When I first read the script [for ‘Miss Lee’], I thought it was a story that would be relatable for many people. Above all else, I was drawn to its story about healthy leadership.”

She went on, “I’m honored that I’ll be able to work with great senior actors. Please show a lot of interest in ‘Miss Lee,’ a human office drama in which all the cast members are leads.”

“Miss Lee” also confirmed that actor Kim Sang Kyung, who recently appeared in tvN’s hit drama “The Crowned Clown,” would be starring in the drama as well. Kim Sang Kyung will be taking on the role of Yoo Jin Wook, a sharp-tongued realist who has been through his share of hardship. Although his past experiences have left him jaded, cynical, and unfriendly, Yoo Jin Wook finds his passion reignited after Lee Seon Shim becomes CEO, and he winds up becoming her brutally honest—but helpful—mentor.

Kim Sang Kyung remarked, “The character of Yoo Jin Wook that I’ll be playing in ‘Miss Lee’ is completely realistic, as if taken directly from real life. I was really drawn to that aspect of the character.”

He added, “Although it’s a drama, I will do my utmost to make [‘Miss Lee’] astoundingly realistic by capturing the details of our real-life selves, in the hopes that it will provide viewers with some small comfort.”

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In the meantime, if you haven’t already seen it, you can watch Kim Sang Kyung in “The Crowned Clown” here:

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