15 K-Pop Idols Who Have The Most Unique Laughs

There are so many little details about idols that we love and cherish that, sometimes, it only takes one update on their social media of them showing a bright smile to make our entire day.

Even better, some idols top their charismatic smiles with iconic signature laughs to which we can’t help but cackle in response. If you need to lift your mood, here is a list of idols who happen to own (and embrace) some of the most unique laughs in the K-pop industry!

1. SHINee’s Onew – Contagious laugh

One glimpse at Onew’s wide laugh is enough to have you burst into laughter!

2. EXID’s Hani – Happy virus laugh

I have to say, watching Hani chuckle gives me so much life!

3. GOT7’s Jackson – Hyena laugh

Jackson’s laugh is so hilarious that we can’t help but cackle along!

4. Apink’s Bomi – Mummy laugh

Bomi’s adorable squared facial expression is simply ridiculous!

5. BTOB’s Changsub – Endless laugh

Changsub’s laughter is the literal incarnation of a meme loop!

6. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo – Emoji laugh

It looks like Jisoo is bringing the laughing emoji to life!

7. EXO’s Kai – Overzealous laugh

When Kai’s vital mood reaches its peak, it comes with (friendly) physical hazard.

8. TWICE’s Sana – Bubbly laugh

Sana’s cute chuckle can range from an anime character to ROFL mode!

9. iKON’s Bobby – Emphatic laugh

Bobby is all over the place when he’s in a jolly mood!

10. Girl’s Day’s Yura – Seal laugh

Once Yura starts clapping when she chortles, the meme is then complete.

11. INFINITE’s Dongwoo – Joker laugh

Fact: the louder Dongwoo’s cackle is, the brighter your mood gets.

12. Hyolyn – Pressure cooker laugh

Honestly, we couldn’t describe Hyolyn’s high-pitched outburst of laughter any better!

13. Super Junior’s Kim Heechul – Monkey laugh

The way Heechul shrieks at his own jokes is all the entertainment we need!

14. MAMAMOO’s Wheein – Escalating laugh

Wheein’s silly giggle is an eternal mood.

15. BTS’s Jin – Windshield wiper laugh

This list wouldn’t be complete without the worldwide handsome’s “lejindary” laugh!

Which unique laugh gets you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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