Female Celebrities Who Are Known For Being Hardcore Gamers

Video games are a huge social activity in Korea, as a lot of them have a cooperative or competitive aspect. With there being such a wide variety of games to suit anyone’s preferences, gaming has become a very common hobby, even for celebrities. Considering the busy lifestyles of many K-pop idols, most are suspected to spend a lot of their downtime resting. However, here are some female idols who would rather lose some sleep in order to keep on gaming!

IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura

Nicknamed “Game-Kura”, Miyawaki Sakura lived up to her gamer status by flaunting her skills through the group’s reality program, “IZ*ONE CHU.” On the same show, she talked about wanting to try a variety of games with all her members. Miyawaki Sakura has also recently discovered PC rooms in Korea, exclaiming, “I really like them!”, showing no signs of slowing down any gaming progress.

Lovelyz’s Mijoo and Jisoo

This duo appeared on “Hackinssa” as the two most social, “insider” members of their group. Along with hosts FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki and DinDin, Jisoo teaming up with the former and Mijoo with the latter, they played the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, befriending their online team members. One even turned out to be a Jisoo super fan! Although both teams did not do as well as they planned, the idols proved that very little gets in the way of their gaming!

WJSN’s Luda

As revealed on SBS’s “Game Show” where she appeared as a special guest, Luda has been gaming for 10 years. Her favorite games include League of Legends and Overwatch, and she is WJSN’s certified best gamer. She is known to spend so much time gaming that fans couldn’t help but tease her for finally giving up games when she shared that she was spending time watching fellow member Bona’s drama.

Girl’s Day’s Yura

Yura revealed that she enjoys playing the game League of Legends when she appeared as a guest on “Ask Us Anything.” She frequently plays with Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, who claimed that she stopped because he was too good while she joked back that it was really because he swore too much.

Moon Hyuna

The former 9MUSES member shared that she uses video games as an excuse to meet up with her members! She said that all her members played the online game Overwatch just as often as she did, that they met up to play even on vacation, despite that she was no longer in the group. Moon Hyuna has also shared a funny story through her Twitter account, when she stayed at a PC room for so long, a worker came and gave her iced tea, and later a coffee. Out of embarrassment for staying to game for so long, she left and went to karaoke instead to practice her singing.

Hong Jin Young

On an episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” the singer proved her hardcore gamer status by playing as soon as she woke up. She also revealed that she has become a homebody in order to play games, shocking everyone. Hong Jin Young has also had a Twitch account to livestream herself playing her favorite game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds!

Kim Sohye

This former I.O.I member was the first out of her members to permanently MC a variety show, which was fittingly for her was SBS’s “Game Show” – a program all about video games. She has even dressed up as the Overwatch character Genji for the show! On another episode, she learned to play a new game in half an hour, challenged by video game pro Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. Although the underdog, Heechul’s computer froze, allowing her to come out as the winner!


As seen through her appearance on MBC’s “I Live Alone,” the former Rainbow member plays video games as soon as she gets up. She even revealed that she goes to bed every night thinking about what games she is going to play the next morning. She even sung the OST for one of her favorite games!

Apink’s Bomi

Adding onto the diverse content on her personal YouTube channel, Bomi has recently begun doing live broadcasts of herself playing video games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. On the broadcast, she decided not to turn off the stream until she completed her mission, leading her to play for more than eight hours straight!

Apink’s Hayoung

Hayoung is known for frequently going to PC rooms, just as well as she is known for being an avid gamer. She’s revealed that she spends an average of 10 hours gaming daily, keeping in mind her iron rule of “Games before sleep! Games even if I’m tired!” Hayoung has also revealed that she had made it to level 360 in the game Crazy Arcade. The idol has also proven her skills on various platforms, also appearing as a host on SBS’s “Game Show”, and surprising one of her fans at a PC room.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Famous for her homebody image, Taeyeon shared through her YouTube channel that she always plays games on her phone before sleeping every night. She also said, “Games help induce sleep. You have to pay real money for them. That way you can get ahead of everyone else,” causing everyone around her to laugh. The star has also posted photos of her fancy gaming keyboard, that lights up in a rainbow of colors.

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