GOT7’s Jinyoung Talks About Kiss Scene With Shin Ye Eun, Chemistry With “He Is Psychometric” Co-Stars, And More

GOT7’s Jinyoung has shared some behind-the-scenes stories from tvN’s “He Is Psychometric”!

On May 3, Jinyoung sat down for an interview and talked about his experience acting in “He Is Psychometric” and the chemistry with his co-stars.

Jinyoung worked together with his labelmate Shin Ye Eun in the drama, during which the two gained the nickname of “Candy Couple” and received much love from viewers for their sweet chemistry.

Jinyoung said, “It was the first time for both of us to participate in a long-term drama, and that allowed us to encourage one another to work harder. We practiced a lot. Because we are under the same agency, we could use the practice rooms together. We asked each other questions if we had any and shared our thoughts, which helped us to work better as co-stars.”

The GOT7 member also shared a few comments on his first kiss scene with Shin Ye Eun. He said, “I got scolded by the director. He told me that I was being awkward, so I had to do exactly what the director told me to do. That’s why I think the scene turned out well.”

When asked about his fans’ reactions to the kiss scene, Jinyoung answered, “My fans know that it’s just business. The kiss scene may have affected some fans, but I think they also understand that it’s just part of the drama. It did make me work harder so that I wouldn’t disappoint my fans in other aspects of the drama.”

Jinyoung also shared his gratitude towards Kim Kwon. He stated, “He is kind, and as a senior actor, he patiently waited for me whenever I was having trouble [with acting]. I’ve already thanked him for being considerate of me, but I would like to thank him once more.”

Jinyoung concluded the interview by sharing his goals for the future. He said, “Like I’ve mentioned before, I would like to show improvement on the things that weren’t very smoothly handled this time for my next project. I would like to enhance the things I lacked in one drama for the next drama and continue to do that for every drama.”

If you haven’t already, check out Jinyoung in “He Is Psychometric” below:

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