Jinyoung Comments On GOT7 Members Teasing And Supporting Him For “He Is Psychometric”

During interviews with media outlets on May 3, GOT7’s Jinyoung talked about support from his members during his drama “He is Psychometric.”

Jinyoung said that the GOT7 members sent coffee trucks to the drama set and added, “The members watched [the drama]. They sent screenshots of scenes and asked, ‘Why are you doing this?’ They teased me a lot, but they teased me after watching, so I am thankful that they even watched.” He shared, “They even sent me screenshots of kiss scenes. I replied, ‘Thanks for your interest,’ with a smiling emoticon.”

He commented, “JB and Yugyeom teased me the most. They are the two people that sang for the OST. Those two teased me the most.”

About JB and Yugyeom singing “Take” for the soundtrack of the drama, Jinyoung revealed, “I didn’t know they did it at first. When the OST was playing at the end, I thought that the voices are really similar to our members’ voices. I was then really surprised when I saw Jus2 written in the credits.”

He continued, “That was really great. It felt like they were doing something together with me by singing for the drama I was in, so it was fun and made me proud.”

In the drama, Jinyoung’s character Yi Ahn had psychometric powers that allowed him to read the secrets of people. When asked who he would like to use psychometric powers on, Jinyoung chose the GOT7 members and explained, “Our members are who I know the best, but sometimes I don’t know what they are thinking. I wonder what kind of thoughts they have when I am not around. I am most curious about Yugyeom and BamBam.”

Jinyoung also shared, “Yi Ahn’s character was really bright in the beginning of the drama, so I referenced [Yugyeom and Bambam] then. I am not as bright as them, so I thought, ‘How could they be so lively?’ If I could use psychometry on them, I want to see how those two are able to be such free spirits.”

Watch Jinyoung in the finale of “He is Psychometric” below:

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