Watch: TWICE And 300 Fans Put On Epic Performances Of “What Is Love?” And “Cheer Up” On “300 X2”

TWICE and their fans were able to create an unforgettable experience on the premiere of tvN’s new show “300 X2“!

“300 X2” is a show that creates epic collaborations between musicians and fans in the form of sing-along performances.

For this second season of the show, 300 fans of a musician are invited to the studio, where they sing along to the songs sung by their favorite singers. Not only do fans have a chance to go to the studio to see their stars in person, but they also have the chance to pick which musicians, also known as “Wannabe Musicians,” get to appear in the show by voting online.

During the episode, TWICE appeared on the program to create an eye-catching performance with 300 “sing-alongers.” Over 3,000 fans had applied to take part in the sing-along performance, and 300 fans from various parts of South Korea, such as Daegu, Pohang, Yeosu, Jeju, Tongyeong, and Gumi, as well as Malaysia and Japan, were chosen to perform with TWICE.

The girl group was first shown arriving at their waiting room provided by “300 X2” early in the morning. Although they were informed that they had only 10 hours to prepare for their sing-along performance, the TWICE members were relatively calm. After enjoying a quick breakfast, the members met the “Sing-Along Fairies” of the show, Boom and Super Junior’s Shindong.

The two created a group chatroom with the 300 sing-alongers and made a cheerful weather report video with TWICE to help wake up the potentially sleepy fans. With TWICE’s message of “ONCE, hurry up and wake up please!” and Boom’s “Get Up Dance,” the fans were able to begin the day feeling energized.

After posting their wake-up call, the fans began to post photos of themselves on their way to meet TWICE. After seeing the fans speedily making their way towards the studio by bus, train, and even airplane, with one even holding a light stick, the TWICE members were full of excitement.

The members then arrived at the studio and were introduced to roaring cheers of the 300 sing-alongers. From students to soon-to-be married couples, the fans were visibly diverse. With Momo’s interpreting skills, TWICE learned that a Japanese-Korean couple was able to come to Korea after the husband applied for the both of them. When Kang Ho Dong asked if the husband had proposed yet, since the couple had only registered their marriage, he replied no. Through the show, the husband was able to propose with TWICE’s music playing in the background.

Other participants included comedian Song Young Gil, Lee Sang Hoon, and Kwon Hyuk Soo. Lee Sang Hoon and Song Young Gil revealed, “At a previous entertainment awards ceremony, we worked with TWICE and practiced with them. We saw TWICE’s bare faces at JYP’s training room. They’re super pretty bare-faced too.”

Kwon Hyuk Soo later revealed himself as the “center” of the 300 sing-alongers and stated that he had asked the producer of the show for the center spot.

After meeting the various fans, Kang Ho Dong revealed that because all 300 participants had arrived at the studio, a donation of 3 million won (approximately $2,570) would be increased to 6 million won (approximately $5,140). The members then expressed their feelings of gratitude towards the fans.

After confirming the total donation, TWICE and the 300 sing-alongers were able to put on epic performances of “What Is Love?” and “Cheer Up.”

After their performance, Dahyun remarked, “It was probably hard to sing along, but [they] danced along so precisely. It was like we were becoming one.” Mina commented, “Because everyone was full of passion, I was able to gain a lot of strength.”

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