Uee Reassures Fans After Concern About Her Health

Uee has let everyone know that she’s doing fine after some fans worried about her health due to a recent Instagram post.

On May 2, Uee posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption, “A day where I’m having a lot of thoughts!!” Some fans then commented with their concerns about her health as they expressed worries over her thin appearance.

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생각이 많아지는날!!?

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The day after, Uee reassured fans with another post as well as some more photos.

She wrote, “Oh my! A lot of people were worried yesterday because of my photo. I’m sorry! I just meant that I was having a lot of very small personal thoughts; I’m doing very well!!! I’m going on trips that I wasn’t able to go on while filming the drama, meeting up with friends, going to restaurants, and looking after my puppy! (My face looked very slim in that photo because of a photo app) Don’t worry, because I’m happy! I’ll share news through Instagram from time to time!”

Uee most recently starred in the drama “My Only One,” which wrapped up in March.

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