NU’EST’s Minhyun Reveals His Apartment, Has A Sweet Heart-To-Heart With His Mother On “I Live Alone”

NU’EST’s Minhyun shared his home life on MBC’s “I Live Alone“!

On the May 3 broadcast, Minhyun guested on the “Rainbow Live Corner” as a newbie to living alone. He revealed that he has been on his own for three months now, following 10 years of dorm life. He explained, “I started living in the dorm when I was in eighth grade. Through doing so, I came to understand the members’ lifestyles, and out of respect for our differences, I decided I should live apart. For instance, Aron raises two dogs, but I have an allergy.”

Minhyun’s house was shown to be very neat and tidy, thanks to his care in keeping it in tip-top shape. As soon as he woke up and brushed his teeth, he got right into cleaning, following his own specific order. He did not accept even the slightest bit of dust or disarray, earning him the nicknames “Emperor of Cleanliness” and “Cleaning Genius.”

The idol stated that his hobby is cleaning. A scene in which he meticulously wiped down his kitchen sink particularly impressed the cast, who commented, “It’s like we’re watching the life of a housewife.”

Minhyun’s shower scene was also revealed. He said, embarrassed, “This really does get shown,” and Park Na Rae joked, “Here’s where the viewer ratings shoot up.” After washing up and going through his skincare routine, he set out on a date with none other than his mother, who looks just like her son.

While enjoying the scenery at Dumulmeori, the two had a heartfelt conversation. Minhyun’s mother began by saying, “When you first debuted with NU’EST, it was hard for me. You were struggling in a no-name group.” Minhyun replied, “It’s because of those memories that I’m successful now.”

Upon hearing his mature words, his mother continued, “It’s really unfamiliar to me to hear you say that. You were really mischievous when you were younger, and now you’re a fully grown adult. It’s a bit upsetting because you never once told me you were having a tough time. You matured at an early age and went through lots of struggles.”

He assured his mother by saying, “I would say something if it was difficult. But it’s all okay. I’m living well without any worries.”

In his individual interview, Minhyun stated, “Of course, it was hard for me. Our activities were decreasing, and our concerts abroad were getting smaller. Even during our hiatus, we would always go out and practice. But I didn’t tell my mother about all these struggles because I didn’t want her to be upset. My plan is to continue not telling her.”

His segment wrapped up on sweet note, with Minhyun eating home-cooked food and his mother watching him happily.

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