MYTEEN’s Song Yu Vin Talks About Taking On “Produce X 101” As His Last Chance

MYTEEN’s Song Yu Vin showed how much he’s improved since his “Superstar K” days with his performance on “Produce X 101”!

On the May 3 broadcast of the survival show, Song Yu Vin had his first evaluation alongside fellow MYTEEN member Kim Kook Heon.

In his interview with the show’s producers, he stated, “I was fortunate to be able to get to the top five of “Superstar K.” I anticipated a lot when I debuted, but after actually going through it, it wasn’t easy. We gradually had fewer activities and fewer opportunities to stand on stage. I thought to myself, ‘Other people are going on TV and doing well, so what are you doing?’ Those times were the saddest. It was scary.”

He continued, “I thought I shouldn’t give up like this, so I thought of [‘Produce X 101’] as my last chance and decided to appear.”

For his evaluation stage, he performed “Spring Day” and showcased powerful choreography and impressive singing skills.

After he and Kim Kook Heon finished, the other trainees complimented them, commenting, “It woke me right up,” “They’re really good,” and “They’re definitely rank A.”

The coaches were in agreement. Soyou said, “Because you’re from The Music Works, I was really looking forward to [your performance]. Thank you for living up to my expectations.”

Both Song Yu Vin and Kim Kook Heon secured rank A, building anticipation for their future path on the program.

Check out their performance below!

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