Watch: IZ*ONE Members Try To Imitate Jo Yu Ri’s Busan Dialect On “Ask Us Anything”

On the May 4 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” all 12 members of IZ*ONE appeared as guests.

In the opening segment, the cast of “Ask Us Anything” had to guess each member’s name, meaning that IZ*ONE had to do their best to pretend to be someone else.

When it came time to guess Jo Yu Ri’s identity, everyone tried to imitate her signature Busan dialect. In South Korea, “standard Korean” is defined as the modern speech used in the Seoul area, but many provinces continue to speak in their own dialects.

Ahn Yu Jin, pretending to be Jo Yu Ri, said confidently that she knew about the three important things central to Busan. She started off with “women” and Kim Heechul interjected, “Isn’t that Jeju Island’s specialty?”, throwing her off and making everyone laugh.

Kim Chae Won also tried her hand at the dialect, but was completely thrown off when Min Kyung Hoon asked her about her family name. (In South Korea, family names are divided into specific clans.) Kim Min Joo impressed everyone with her natural-sounding dialect, but she was thrown for a loop when they asked her about the Chinese characters for “Yu Ri.”

Kim Heechul chimed in at one point, saying, “Everyone sounds so angry when speaking in a Busan dialect” and asked Kwon Eun Bi to try a sweeter version of the dialect. Kwon Eun Bi then made everyone crack up by calling Kim Heechul “teacher.”

After Jo Yu Ri was finally identified, she shared her concerns with her dialect. “I use my dialect a lot in everyday life,” she said. “It’s not like I haven’t tried to fix it, but it’s still like this.”

She added, “Sakura keeps copying my intonation and I really think that we need to fix this.”

Seo Jang Hoon reassured her, saying, “You don’t need to fix it. There’s a guy who’s been promoting for 30 years with his dialect,” referring to Kang Ho Dong.

Check out the IZ*ONE members’ attempts at the Busan dialect below!

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