Kim Dong Han Shares The Difficulties He Faced While Filming His

Kim Dong Han talked about preparing for his comeback in an interview with YTN Star!

The solo artist’s third mini album “D-HOURS AM 7:03” was released on May 1 and follows his debut mini album “D-DAY” and second mini album “D-NIGHT” to complete his “Time Trilogy” series.

“My birthday is July 3, and the time [7:03 a.m.] can represent the time some people who stay up all night go to bed and the time some people get up to go to work. Because this time signifies both beginning and end, I believe the album symbolizes a full day,” he explained.

Kim Dong Han further revealed that he participated in writing the lyrics to all the songs on his album, as well as creating the choreography for the title track, making this album particularly special for him.

However, it was also physically challenging. He commented, “Because ‘FOCUS’ is the title track, I thought a lot about how to express it in the choreography. But the dance is tiring to the point of throwing up. The song is really exciting and upbeat, so we couldn’t cut it down any further.”

Shooting the music video was no easy task either. “While filming the music video, I once reached the point of total exhaustion. I was wearing an outfit that doesn’t allow any sweat to escape on a set with very strong lights, so even when I was standing still, sweat would pour like rain. If you watch the music video, there’s a scene where you can see my cheeks have sunken in.”

In the end though, he was satisfied with the final product. “The filming technique for the music video was really beautiful. Only I appear in it, but you’ll get the feeling that many people are appearing. We also used a lot of fire, so it was memorable how we basically burned everything we could — flowers, matches, paper, everything.”

When asked if he felt pressured to show positive results for this comeback after the success of his other songs, the idol replied, “This album contains a lot of my personality, so I don’t feel as burdened, but I am a bit nervous to see how it will be received. I’m not paying attention to the rank, but I’d like this title track to do better than my past songs so I can be complimented by the CEO.”

Finally, he said, “I hope that this year is one in which I can move forward and progress like a comet. To do so, I will work hard during my comeback promotions. Please continue to love and support me.”

Watch Kim Dong Han’s music video for “FOCUS” here!

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