Update: Jung Eun Chae’s Agency Responds To Rumors Tying Actress To New Burning Sun Reports

Updated May 5 KST:

Jung Eun Chae’s agency has released an official statement about the rumors linking her to the new Burning Sun reports.

Below is the full translation of the agency’s statement:

We relay to you our official statement regarding the malicious rumors surrounding actress Jung Eun Chae.

Jung Eun Chae is not related to the recent reports surrounding Burning Sun and cosmetics company “V,” and the malicious rumors that are being spread through several online communities and comments are not true. Jung Eun Chae’s contract with company “V” ended last April, and she has been working as a model for another cosmetics brand since last May. She had no connection [to the company] at the time of the Burning Sun incident, and she has never been to [Burning Sun].

We would like to apologize to fans for causing concern. We are planning to take strong legal action by gathering all posts and comments on the internet that are spreading and reproducing false facts and hurting the actress’s reputation and the actress as a person. We will do our best to avoid further damage in order to protect the actress.

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Original Article:

Fans of actress Jung Eun Chae are urging her to take action against rumors connecting her to Burning Sun.

On the recent broadcast of SBS’s “Unanswered Questions,” it was alleged that a certain cosmetics company sponsored Burning Sun, and during a gathering between the two parties, an actress hit people’s faces with a light stick. The actress was allegedly drooling and had bloodshot eyes, suggesting that she may have taken drugs.

After the episode aired, one particular brand was singled out on social media, and Jung Eun Chae, who is the model for the brand in question, was suspected as being the actress mentioned.

In response to these rumors, fans posted a statement on fan community DC Jung Eun Chae Gallery on May 5. Below is the full translation of the statement:

We are the fandom who have been consistently cheering for and supporting actress Jung Eun Chae since her debut until now.

Currently, several unfounded rumors were spread online that has left us with a terrible feeling. As such, we present this statement calling for strong action.

Since she was young, Jung Eun Chae has displayed exceptional passion for the arts that even led her to study abroad. She is a capable actress that was naturally inspired to pursue the field by the movies and performances she saw in London.

Jung Eun Chae has become known to the public through various works and is an actress that is destined to gain more attention and shine bright like a diamond. We hope that she will not become discouraged because of this matter.

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