10 Ways DAY6 Brought Laughter By Being Their Ridiculous Selves

It is pretty widely known that DAY6 is really great at making music, but the band is also very skilled at making people laugh (whether they intend to or not).

Here are just a few of the many times that DAY6 brightened our days with their extra selves:

Wonpil’s alter ego

My Days will never forget this “After School Club” episode where Wonpil really let loose. Park Jimin asks at one point, “What is wrong with him?” and Sungjin responds, “He is always like this,” so maybe this is actually a sneak peek of Wonpil’s true self.

ASMR gone wrong

There are no words to describe DAY6’s attempt to sing and make instrument sounds for an ASMR(?) version of “days gone by.” Just watch below, and you’ll understand.

They also showed off a live performance for fans at a fan signing event:

Dancing king

There is truly no one that dances like Park Sungjin. The angles are just so creative and pretty impossible for anyone else to imitate.

Check out a few of his unbelievable dance moves:

Drunk on life

There have been many times that DAY6 had to assure fans that they had not had any alcohol to drink…like this one time they sang “I Wait” at dinner. They bring out all the dance moves and utensil instruments for a passionate performance while drinking Coke, and of course they still sound amazing.

Wonpil, what’s in your bag?

While leaving a music show, Jae stops Wonpil and asks, “Wonpil, what did you just put into your bag?” Wonpil shyly mutters, “Jeyuk bokkeum (stir-fried spicy pork).” Jae forces him to show the camera, and Wonpil reluctantly unveils the container of pork that he is casually carrying in his backpack.

A cake he’ll never for-guette

DAY6 always showers their maknae Dowoon with love, which they once again demonstrated with this very special birthday cake for him last year.

She’s really gone

Jae and Young K get real dramatic as they attempt to sing “She’s Gone” in its original key. Although they look a little wild…their talent still shines as they actually hit those crazy notes.

Rap god Yoon Dowoon

In 2017, DAY6 held monthly V Live broadcasts where they created songs with themes or lyrics suggested by fans. Dowoon wrote a legendary rap about mosquitoes and showed it off again at “Weekly Idol” the following year.

Wrap god Park Sungjin

Sungjin really has a grand time with that plastic wrap at 7:29. The spinning that follows is also quite impressive.

Silent pretzel war

Begin watching at 1:31 to see Jae and Wonpil shooting laser eyes at each other for over two minutes as they exchange in a war over pretzels.

Do you have a favorite DAY6 moment that never fails to make you laugh? Let us know in the comments below!

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