Cast Of Upcoming KBS Revenge And Romance Drama Gathers For Script Reading

Pictures from the intense first script reading for KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “The Sun’s Season” (working title) have been revealed!

“The Sun’s Season” is about the selfish “battle for the throne” among the Yangji group, who have been a large part of the economic history of South Korea. The story follows the countless betrayals and battles among the members of the Yangji group and the tragic revenge yet romantic success of Oh Tae Yang (played by Oh Chang Suk) who had been sacrificed during the fight.

The script reading took place in April, and the cast gathered and shared their excitement to work as one team for the upcoming six months. The cast includes Oh Chang Suk, Yoon So Yi, Choi Sung Jae, Ha Si Eun as the leads, as well as Hwang Bum Sik, Jung Han Yong, Choi Jung Woo, Lee Duk Hee, Lee Sang Sook, Kim Na Woon, Yoo Tae Woong, and more.

First, Hwang Bum Sik, who has taken on the role of Hwang No In, introduced himself humbly by saying, “It’s an honor to be working with such great actors, excluding me. Please treat me well.” Furthermore, Jung Han Yong, who will be taking on the role of Yangji group’s chairman Jung Wol Cheon, said, “I’ll work hard so that we can film with a good atmosphere.”

The head of KBS drama center Moon Bo Hyun said, “After viewing the script, I thought the story was really good. I believe that there will be good results from combining everyone’s strengths. I will also do my best to support so that everyone can work enjoyably.”

Producing director (PD) Kim Won Young shared, “I hope that you all become actors who mature through this project. I also want to become a director who matures through this project.” Furthermore, he requested that everyone act as if the script reading was their actual performance so that the actors could get to better know each other.

As PD Kim Won Young wished, the actors brought the drama to life during the script reading. With their stable acting skills, Oh Chang Suk and Yoon So Yi transformed into the refreshing first love couple Kim Yoo Wol and Yoon Si Wol, making everyone at the script reading smile. Furthermore, Choi Sung Jae, who will be playing Choi Kwang Il and competing with Oh Chang Suk’s character, impressed the actors and staff with his perfect control of the tension. Ha Si Eun completely delved into her role of Chae Duk Sil with her bright energy and showed a real “mother daughter chemistry” with Lee Sang Sook who took on the role of the mother Lim Mi Ran.

The production team of “The Sun’s Season” said, “Through the script reading, the actors as well as the staff were able to gain excitement and confidence for the first episode. We want to greet the viewers as soon as possible with a high quality project. We hope that this becomes a piece through which [actors] can grow from, like a tree during the summer. Please show lots of interest.”

“The Sun’s Season” will broadcast early June of 2019.

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