Hearts Awakened, Live Alive: 8 Reasons To Stan ATEEZ

Are you looking for a new boy group to follow? Are you here for amazing music and intense choreographies? Do you need new variety kings in your life? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

Debuting last October with title tracks “Treasure” and “Pirate King,” the eight boys of ATEEZ have already become rookie monsters. With a successful sold-out U.S. and European tour behind them, these guys seem unstoppable. They are fierce and powerful, and their music brings a brand new color to today’s K-pop trends! More than that, all eight of the members have amazing personalities, so there’s really no dull moment with ATEEZ around.

If you want to know more about these boys, look at some of the many reasons why you should stan them. And if you are already part of their fandom ATINY, it’s high time to look at their most iconic moments again!

Their incredible discography

There is no other way to start this list than to talk about their music, because it is truly one of a kind. They have experimented with many genres, and their playfulness and ability to own these changes within one song makes their sound distinct and unique.

Check out their debut single “Treasure” and their 2019 comeback “Say My Name”:

Their stage presence and intense choreos

Whenever these boys go on stage, their charisma is just out of this world! Their performances are exceptionally powerful, and you will gain a lot of energy just by looking at them.

Watch their comeback stage with “HALA HALA”:

They’re talented in many areas

ATEEZ is truly the definition of talent. Whether it’s the fierce rapping, the piercing vocals, or the dancing, they will leave you in awe in no time. Their hard work is paying off, and they never stop improving themselves, so there is really no limit to their abilities!

They are just the full package in this performance of “Pirate King”:

They are a chaotic mess, but we love it!

During interviews, these boys can be really out of control in the best ways possible. They are loud, extra, and chaotic, but it’s all so entertaining!

If you want to understand just how entertaining they are, watch this interview. You’re guaranteed to have a good laugh:

Their unique interests and fun facts

All eight members have their own charm, and some of them are known among fans for the most unique reasons.

Leader Hongjoong is the “Korean Big Minion,” and his love for these animated figures is the cutest thing ever. He even has some minion themed slippers!

Maknae Jongho is a true powerhouse main vocalist, but he has a unique way of showing it to us. Check out this video of him ripping fruits in half while singing:

Yeosang loves drones so much that even his members thought that it would be the best birthday present for him. He is just so enthusiastic every time we see him around drones!

Seonghwa got really excited when the group members had the chance to create their own ASMR video. He watches ASMR regularly, and he had always wanted to try it!

They are relatable dorks

San is an avid plushie enthusiast and collector, and it’s the cutest thing ever. His all time favorite is a plushie named Shiber that he carries around and adores a lot. It’s simply adorable.

Yunho is the biggest Potterhead around, and it’s admirable! He is a big fan of Harry Potter stories, and he gets excited every time the topic comes up.

One of Mingi’s most relatable traits is his fear of bugs. Let’s be real, most of us would act the same with bugs around!

Wooyoung’s high pitched laugh is something ATINY can’t get out of their heads. It is just so endearing and hilarious!

Their dance covers

Apart from slaying all their own choreography, the boys are great at covering other K-pop dances as well! Their moves are always on point, and they do justice to any group they cover!

They love ATINY with all their heart

ATINY is a really spoiled fandom, as the eight boys are always very eager to show their eternal love and support for their fans! They are humble and grateful for everything they’ve received these past months, and they take every opportunity to express their gratitude for fans while working hard to do their best.

ATINY! What are your reasons to stan ATEEZ? Tell us in the comments below!

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