Shin Hyun Soo And Kim Ye Won Have An Awkward First Date In “Welcome To Waikiki 2”

Despite their great chemistry and friendship, Shin Hyun Soo and Kim Ye Won go on an uncomfortable first date on “Welcome to Waikiki 2.”

“Welcome to Waikiki 2” follows the friendship, love, and lives of six youths as they live in and operate the guesthouse Waikiki and experience all sorts of highs and lows.


Previously, Kook Ki Bong (played by Shin Hyun Soo) and Cha Yoo Ri (played by Kim Ye Won) woke up together in bed after a drunken night. Though they barely managed to avoid getting found out by their friends, things turned awkward for the two. They both ended up honestly sharing their feelings for one another, but found it difficult to just start dating. After thinking about it, Kook Ki Bong told Cha Yoo Ri, “Should we try going on a date just once?”

In the photos, their date appears to have not gone so well. Shin Hyun Soo, whose character is almost always happily grinning, looks quite serious, and Kim Ye Won has an expression of discomfort and annoyance. They avoid each other’s eyes as they walk along in silence.

The production staff stated, “Please look forward to how Kook Ki Bong and Cha Yoo Ri’s relationship changes as they experience their first date. Please continue to watch the youths of Waikiki as they head towards their dreams and love, experience hardships, and grow.”

“Welcome to Waikiki 2” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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