Actress Han Ji Seong Passes Away From Car Accident

Updated May 8 KST:

Further reports have been shared after the news of the passing of actress Han Ji Seong.

It is reported by SBS’s “News 8” that Han Ji Seong’s husband told police that after asking her to stop the car, he got out of the passenger’s side and went to a flower bed on the side of the road. When he returned after relieving himself, he saw that the accident had occurred.

The police have confirmed that the vehicle’s black box shows him moving towards the flower bed. Her husband stated that he does not know why the car was stopped in the second lane of a three-lane expressway rather than on the shoulder, or why Han Ji Seong got out and walked to the back of the vehicle.

Furthermore, news outlets report that the black box shows that about 10 seconds after her husband exited the vehicle, Han Ji Seong got out of the driver’s side and walked towards the vehicle’s trunk. She then leaned over one or two times and twisted from side to side before the accident occurred.

The police have stated that there is no audio recording on the black box, so they lack understanding of the exact details of the situation at the time.

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Original Article:

Actress Han Ji Seong has passed away from a car accident.

On May 8, it was reported that an actress in her 20s had passed away after being hit by two cars on the Incheon International Airport Expressway.

It was later revealed that the actress was Han Ji Seong and that the accident happened on the morning of May 6.

A source close to the late actress stated, “Actress Han Ji Seong has left our side after an unfortunate accident. She was a great actress full of passion for acting. She was an actress with a bright future, and it is unfortunate that she passed away so suddenly. Her family set up her mortuary with their hearts filled with deep sadness.”

According to the police, she turned on the hazard lights and stopped her car on the second lane of the three-lane expressway when her husband had to urgently use the restroom. A taxi on the third lane saw her husband come out of the car and quickly tried to change lanes, leading them to drive into Han Ji Seong, who was standing outside of her car. She fell near the first lane, and an SUV drove into her for the second time.

The police are investigating the drivers of the taxi and SUV for causing death. They are additionally looking into the possibility that the taxi driver was speeding and not keeping their eyes on the road.

The National Forensic Service will conduct an autopsy to figure out the exact cause of Han Ji Seong’s death, and the police are looking into her car’s black box to figure out why she stopped her car on the middle lane and came out of the car.

Han Ji Seong made her debut as part of girl group B.Dolls in 2010 and later pursued a career as an actress. She appeared in SBS dramas “Second to Last Love” and “Happy Sisters” and film “One Punch.”

Our deepest condolences go out to her family and friends.

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