“I Live Alone” PD Expresses Her Gratitude To The Show’s Fixed Cast

The producing director of MBC’s “I Live Alone” displayed her strong bond with the show’s fixed cast and expressed her gratefulness to them in a new interview.

On May 7, producing director Hwang Ji Young and writer Lee Kyung Ha talked to OSEN and shared their thoughts on the fixed cast members of the show.

Each of the members have experienced considerable change throughout their time on the show. For instance, Park Na Rae revealed her signature “Na Rae Bar” on the show and went on to become a trendy figure on variety shows. Gian84 gained further recognition as a webtoon artist and made his face known as a TV personality. Lee Si Eon achieved the level of popularity that allowed him to hold a fan meeting in Japan, and Sung Hoon has also participated in the Guerrilla Date corner of “Entertainment Weekly” due to his own rise as a star.

In regards to these developments, Hwang Ji Young stated, “For Lee Si Eon, it was nice to see his fan meeting, but it was so great to see him move into the apartment he applied for. When he first appeared on our show, it was still in the process of being built, but it was recently completed, and he was able to move in and even hold a housewarming party. It was also a new feeling to see Sung Hoon on the Guerrilla Date. We always wish for our stars to do well on the program, but seeing them grow outside of it makes us really proud.”

“What I am grateful for is that the cast members say that it is thanks to ‘I Live Alone.’ They say, ‘Our program is first in my heart,'” Hwang Ji Young commented. She continued, “I think it is because our cast members were not very visible to the public when they first joined the show. Park Na Rae, Lee Si Eon, and Gian84 were all fairly respected in their fields, but they did not receive much attention on variety shows in the early days of ‘I Live Alone.’ Jun Hyun Moo was not a Daesang winner at that time, but while starring on ‘I Live Alone,’ he became a Daesang nominee and even a winner.”

Lee Kyung Ha added, “I think the overall synergy worked well. From the perspective of the cast, they can show off different sides to themselves outside of their regular work, and the viewers are able to concentrate on the stars’ daily lives. This might be a bit burdensome for some, but for the members of the Rainbow Club, they are able to approach viewers with their charms.”

The fixed cast members were also revealed to be working together to inform others about the ins and outs of being on “I Live Alone” and helping to recruit guests to appear on the show.

Hwang Ji Young shared, “The cast promotes ‘I Live Alone’ to other celebrities and makes suggestions. Park Na Rae and Lee Si Eon recommend the program to their friends, and those guests who appear end up coming back multiple times.”

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