Singer Ali Ties The Knot In A Private Wedding Ceremony

On May 11, singer Ali married her non-celebrity boyfriend at a cathedral in Seoul after four years of dating.

In photos uploaded by Gilgu Bonggu’s Bonggu, Ali is seen wearing a beautiful strapless dress. The unique double-layered gown showcases a different charm than the ones in her wedding photos.

Bonggu captioned the set of photos, “Congratulations Ali~ I hope you two are happy for a very long time! Congratulations on your marriage, Ali.”

In addition to the stunning photos of Ali in her wedding dress, Bonggu uploaded pictures of the couple walking down the aisle. These showcased the gorgeous atmosphere inside the cathedral.

Regarding her decision to get married, Ali stated, “After dating for about four years, I thought, ‘This is the person.'”

Singer Son Seung Yeon also sang BMK’s “Stained” as the congratulatory song at the wedding. She and Ali became friends after frequently appearing on KBS2’s “Immortal Songs” together.

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The singer confirmed her appearance through her Instagram, captioning the post, “Yes, it’s me. I arranged this! Both the bride and groom were very close to me. It seems like yesterday that I set up a meeting for them at the request of the groom. I can’t believe they are now married. I am so glad to have been able to sing the congratulatory song, and I still feel so weird. From the day of their first meeting, I have been watching them… and now they are married! You have to live well and happily. I will be watching.”

Other celebrities in attendance included singers Hong Kyung Min, Kim Jong Seo, Lee Se Joon, Bae Da Hae, Jo Jung Min, and Gilgu Bonggu, comedian Lee Sung Mi, and actor couple Yoo Joon Sang and Hong Eun Hee.

Hong Eun Hee also took to her Instagram to share a post from the wedding. It was captioned, “We also got married near here 16 years ago. Time goes by so fast. Congratulations on your marriage, Ali. You have to be happy. The bride of May.”

Congratulations to the couple!

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