BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Earns Praise For Bold Actions During Firefighter Training On “Master In The House”

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae has received praise for his perseverance!

On the May 12 broadcast of SBS’s “Master in the House,” Yook Sungjae went through a challenging firefighter training.

Along with members from the fire department, Yook Sungjae put on a firefighter’s uniform and entered a burning building, where he faced many obstacles. With the 25 kilograms (approximately 55.1 pounds) of equipment, Yook Sungjae crawled, crouched down, and rolled past the obstacles and discovered the fire under the firefighters’ instructions. They attacked the fire without hesitation, and the flames faded into hot steam.

However, the remaining fires proved difficult to extinguish until the very end. One firefighter commented, “There were too many of these [little fires] during the Goseong forest fire incident. We thought all of the fires were out when these things remained.” They added, “When you go on site, you have to continuously feel the hot flames.”

Although Yook Sungjae continued to water the flames, the fire continued to spring back up. In the midst of putting out the fire, Yook Sungjae’s oxygen tank let out a warning sign that marked low oxygen levels. His mentor said, “Once the alarm sounds, you normally have to make an emergency exit.” Surprised, Yook Sungjae yelled, “I’ll finish it quickly and leave. The right side really won’t go out.”

Afterwards, the firefighters succeeded in taking out all the remaining flames and successfully escaped. The mentor later commented that Yook Sungjae ran out of oxygen quickly due to excess breathing. He said, “You were good. You were very bold,” and another member said, “You did well [taking on the fire] calmly.”

The cast also complimented him, saying Yook Sungjae looked very cool emerging from the smoke. The mentor continued to praise him for his bold actions although they initially believed Yook Sungjae would be afraid. Yook Sungjae grandly told the members of his heroic actions despite his mentors telling him to get out because of his low oxygen levels, but the mentor stopped him from bragging further, saying, “Oh, I think he didn’t hear me. I told him [to get out], but I don’t think he heard me.”

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