EXID’s Agency Releases Statement About LE’s Injury + How It Will Affect Upcoming Comeback

With EXID’s comeback only days away, Banana Culture Entertainment has made an official announcement about LE’s ankle injury and the group’s upcoming promotions.

On May 13, the agency released the following statement:

Hello, this is Banana Culture Entertainment.

We are making a statement regarding the news of EXID member LE’s injury and her upcoming promotions.

EXID member LE recently injured her ankle while moving around at the recording studio. Although she has been improving with treatment, she has been advised by a medical professional not to move her ankle too much.

Although all five members will be performing during the upcoming promotions for [EXID’s] new song “Me & You,” which will be released on May 15, starting with the comeback showcase and the ensuing music shows, we plan to minimize dancing during the promotions.

From the beginning of her treatment [for her injury], our agency has seriously discussed the matter of music show promotions together with LE. Because LE is extremely determined to promote the new song, we have decided to respect the artist’s wishes and promote within the boundaries of not putting strain on LE’s physical condition.

We apologize for delivering this unhappy news to [EXID’s] fans ahead of their comeback, and we will actively support EXID’s promotions with our artist’s health and recovery as our top priority.

Thank you.

We wish LE the speediest of recoveries!

EXID will be making their return with the mini album “Me & You” on May 15. Check out their latest teasers here!

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