8 Times Idol Poses On The Red Carpet Made Our Day

Idols always exude a combination of elegance and charisma wherever they go, and perhaps award ceremonies are where their element shines brightest. This being said, some of our favorite artists choose to leave quite a distinct impression as they walk the red carpet.

While you’re reading this, I’m sure some of you have already had a guess or two about this feature’s potential lineup. Here are, in no particular order, eight times idol poses on the red carpet were so iconic they ended up making our day!

1. BTOB – “The Creation of Adam” portrayal

From the star pose to the human fan, we’ve seen it all with BTOB. But perhaps their reincarnation of Michelangelo’s painting is the most memorable pose to date.

2. MAMAMOO – Starlet mode

The quartet broke out of their humble character to play out a diva moment on the red carpet.

3. TWICE – The epitome of being extra

Watching TWICE channeling their inner models is extraordinary, to say the least, and we’re loving it!

4. BTS – Young, wild, and adorkable

Not even the Grammys red carpet prevented BTS from being their playful selves, as each member flaunted a different pose which surprisingly completed the group’s photo.

5. Red Velvet – Drama over flowers

Going slightly dramatic with the flower pose, the members of Red Velvet served a mix of cute and funny red carpet attire.

6. Wanna One – The silly stunt collection

What started as a challenge ended as quite an entertaining scene for Wanna One and their fans. The members fronted a selection of ridiculous poses, with Kang Daniel topping them by b-boying.

7. Apink – The gigantic heart illustration

Apink graced the red carpet with their now-mastered signature heart shape that all six members take part in with their arms.

8. Block B – Derp & derper

This old but gold red carpet shot is a solid representation of Block B’s essence since their rookie days.

Which red carpet pose is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

Top photo credit: Xportsnews

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