Police Share Updates On Investigation Of Ties Between Officers And Burning Sun, Club Arena, And More

At a press conference held on May 13, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Commissioner Won Kyung Hwan gave an update on their continuing investigation regarding recent controversies.

He stated, “A confiscation warrant was issued last week to complete the investigation around Senior Superintendent Yoon.” He added, “We will finish up [the investigation] after looking through and confirming the rest of the information.”

Commissioner Won emphasized, “We are very aware of the fact that the press and the public criticize our slow progress with the investigation to uncover collusion. We will continue to investigate this collusive relationship and get to the bottom of this.”

On May 15, the police will provide more details regarding the collusive relationship between the club Burning Sun and members of the police, including Senior Superintendent Yoon.

Currently, there are eight police officers who are under investigation for collusion.

One is a lieutenant with the Regional Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency and another is a sergeant with the Seoul Gangnam Police Station. They are both suspected of having received a monetary bribe through a third party to cover up the incident at Club Arena in 2017 during which a minor was admitted to the club.

The other officers under investigation are three including Yoon who are suspected of having revealed information about the investigation into the club Monkey Museum, two officers related to an incident in which a minor entered Burning Sun, and an officer at Seongdong Police Station who is suspected of having ties to Jung Joon Young and helping him out during his investigation.

The police concluded that the fact that Superintendent Yoon revealed information regarding the investigation about club Monkey Museum counts as a violation of the confidentiality agreement as a police officer. However, they still need to determine whether or not the act of being treated to two meals and receiving concert tickets from Seungri’s group of friends and associates counts as a violation of the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act.

The police is looking for further evidence surrounding Seungri and former CEO of Yuri Holdings Yoo In Suk. They are both currently awaiting questioning on May 14 to determine the validity of requests for their pretrial detention warrants for suspicions such as mediation of prostitution, embezzlement, and more.

The police seized former CEO Yoo In Suk’s company card statements and have confirmed that the company card was from a cosmetic company that he served as a non-executive director.

A source from the police stated, “We have not yet confirmed if there is a record of Mr. Yoo treating Superintendent Yoon with this company card.” The source added, “We are reconfirming just in case other facts are revealed.”

Regarding the Taiwanese investor Lin who is suspected of being involved in embezzlement, the police shared, “We are talking with the attorney’s side regarding the written statement.” The police added, “Lin has not been booked yet.”

The police previously requested to Lin via email and mail that she come to the police to be investigated for suspicions of being involved with a Chinese criminal triad and of money laundering.

The police plans to investigate the two figurehead CEOs of Club Arena who are suspected of illegal gambling. On May 12, Lim and Kim were booked for suspicion of violating the National Sports Promotion Act.

The police suspect that they may have used a foreign gambling site to deposit and withdraw money earned from Club Arena to avoid being traced by tax authorities.

Updates will be provided as they become available.

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