Update: Yoon Ji Sung Teases Upcoming Single “Fairy Tale” With Gorgeous Moving Illustration

Updated May 19 KST:

Yoon Ji Sung has unveiled a beautiful moving version of his cover image for “Fairy Tale”!

Updated May 18 KST:

Yoon Ji Sung revealed the cover image for his single “Fairy Tale”!

Updated May 16 KST:

Yoon Ji Sung shared lyrics for his upcoming single “Fairy Tale,” a gift for fans following his enlistment!

You who sparkles over there
I’ll forever remember us
on that precious day

You who reaches out your hand
At the end of a cold and dark winter
A spring day’s memory that protected me

Original Article:

Yoon Ji Sung is gifting fans with a new song!

The idol will be enlisting for his mandatory military service today on May 14, but he personally shared the news on midnight KST that he has a present waiting for fans. In a video posted on social media, he told his fans BABAL that he’s doing well and hopes they are too. He joked, “Do you think I could just leave BABAL? That’s right, I wouldn’t do that. I’ll release a surprise song on May 19!”

He shared that he wrote the lyrics to his new song “Fairy Tale” (literal translation) while thinking about BABAL and that it contains what he wants to say to them. The song was given as a present to Yoon Ji Sung by his friend, the singer-songwriter Coffee Boy.

Watch his video below!

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