Park Soo Ah (Lizzy) Talks About After School Members’ Ongoing Sisterhood

Park Soo Ah (formerly known as Lizzy) spoke about her friendship with the After School members.

On May 13, the actress participated in an interview for the conclusion of tvN’s “Rude Miss Young Ae Season 17.”

“While appearing in this drama, I learned about sisterhood and thought a lot about the [After School] members. The members were basically like my sisters,” began Park Soo Ah. “I met up with Jung Ah. She’s currently five months pregnant with a son. It felt weird to see her stomach and her becoming a mom. She wouldn’t drink soda, and it felt odd.”

She continued, “The members sent me coffee trucks when I worked on dramas. They congratulated me after I turned into an actress and got bigger roles. We still have a group chatroom, so we still talk and and chat a lot about all kinds of things. Sometimes when I watch clips, I think about how it was really tiring but great [during After School promotions]. It reminds me a lot of the past when I see idols promoting these days.”

“Later, I want to go on a variety show like ‘Sugar Man’ with the members,” said Park Soo Ah, referring to the JTBC music variety show where currently popular singers perform covers of classic hits by singers from the past, who also appear on the show to update fans on what they’ve been up to. “I think a lot of time will have to pass. Among ourselves, we thought about releasing an album. We thought it wold be good to gather opinions to release a final album and end [promotions], but it’s sad that it didn’t work out because we all went our separate ways.”

She added, “The members also tell me about my drama’s viewership ratings. We used to all go to the hair salon around the same time. We’d wish each other the best for the day and cheered each other on to gather strength.”

“Rude Miss Young Ae Season 17” tells the story of an older single woman named Lee Young Ae (played by Kim Hyun Sook) and her return as “Mom Young Ae” after her marriage. In the drama, Park Soo Ah appeared as a rookie employee named Na Soo Ah who joined the company at the suggestion of her older sister Ra Mi Ran (played by Ra Mi Ran). Although Na Soo Ah was falsely accused of embezzling funds, she shined as the company’s new friendly and bright accountant.

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