Weki Meki Talks About Preparing For Comeback, Playing Characters In “Picky Picky” MV, And More

Weki Meki discussed their first comeback in seven months and the love and care that went into their new album during their showcase!

On May 14, Weki Meki held a comeback showcase to celebrate the release of their second single album “LOCK END LOL.”

The group began with a powerful performance of their title song “Picky Picky.” Yoojung introduced the song by saying, “It’s a song that expresses precious affection towards a person you like. Because it is our title track, we put our all into practicing it.”

This is Weki Meki’s first comeback since the release of their album “KISS, KICKS” last October. Doyeon stated, “We’ve made our comeback after seven months. This is an album that we spent that time perfecting, so we’ll work hard to put on great performances.” Rua added, “This time, the members matured a lot. I want to hurry and show that to everyone.” Lucy continued, “We poured a lot of affection into this album. I can only think of the fun times we had with everyone who helped us prepare it.”

Weki Meki’s agency Fantagio has been swept up in controversy recently due to news that co-CEO Wei Jie of JC Group was arrested for illegally obtaining funds. Many fans were worried that this might negatively affect Weki Meki. However, Suyeon stated, “Actually, the change in atmosphere didn’t affect us much. We’re doing our best at our work.”

Despite these external problems, Weki Meki bonded and turned it into something positive. In regards to what sets them apart from other girl groups, Doyeon replied, “I think our strengths are our overflowing energy and joy. When the eight of us are together, we always laugh so much. Because we like each other so much, it shows on stage.”

In the music video for their title song “Picky Picky,” the members each play various roles in a school setting. There is the rock-and-roll fan Suyeon, top-ranked student Elly, student body president Yoojung, social media star Doyeon, narcissist Sei, perpetually late Lua, student athlete Rina, and queen bee Lucy. Doyeon stated, “Our company decided our characters for us, and I think it matches everyone well.”

As for their goals with this comeback, Yoojung said, “My personal goal was to look at the mirror during practice and monitor while preparing for the album, and it was a lot of fun. I hope that the feelings I experienced while preparing will be conveyed to the people watching.”

Suyeon stated, “My goal is for no one to get hurt and for us to wrap up promotions safely, but our team goal is to get first place on a music program. I want to experience it once.”

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